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  • adj.干酪的



keI si s


  • adj.of damaged or necrotic tissue; cheeselike


"类似于奶酪的; 与奶酪有关的",1660年代,源自拉丁语 caseus "奶酪"(参见 cheese(n.1))+ -ous。




Latin caseus cheese

The first known use of caseous was in 1654



marked by caseation

caseous 例句

1.It is made up of a fibrous framework and numerous round, ovoid, or cylindrical cavities, lined with masses of epithelial cells, which may be squeezed out as a fetid, caseous material.

2.The histopathology showed granulomas in the dermis consisted of epithelial cells without caseous necrosis in the center, and there was infiltration of lymphocytes in and around the granulomas.


3.Frequently this caseous inflammation results in the formation of one or more ulcers with thickened, slightly reddened borders, surmounted by several layers of this necrosed tissue.

4.Putty kidney is a pathologic term for the caseous necrosis of the kidney described in chronic renal tuberculosis. The necrosis usually results in autonephrectomy.


5.Now and then it contains large caseous tubercular masses in its substance.

6.In a statement, her lawyers added: "For clarity there are no white or cream caseous, enlarged abscesses typical for bTB in alpacas whether in the lungs, bronchial, mediastinal or retropharyngeal lymph nodes."

7.If the cannula becomes blocked with caseous material, it may be cleared with a probe, or a small quantity of saline solution is forced in by the syringe.

8.Sometimes the centre is caseous, sometimes fibrinous or calcified.

9.Their edges also show caseous patches similar to those in the mouth.

10.Frequently the caseous clots are not to be seen, and the stool has a clammy look reminding one of glazier's putty, while the color varies from dirty white to pale grayish yellow.

11.As exposure to oxygen kills the bacilli, one need have no fear about disturbing or tearing off the caseous patches or necrotic tissue during irrigation.

12.But if he offer to sell me a ton of this lunar cheese, I call on him to prove the truth of the caseous nature of our satellite, before I purchase.

13.But if he offer to sell me a ton of this lunar cheese, I call on him to prove the truth of the caseous nature of our satellite before I purchase.

14.In the advanced forms, caseous foci may be seen in the lung and in the liver and necrotic patches observed on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

15.The caseous material of canker is also present, as is a disposition to hypertrophy of the exposed sensitive structures.

16.Note well-defined caseous focus, with several minute foci in surrounding marrow.

17.At the upper right is amorphous pink caseous material composed of the necrotic elements of the granuloma as well as the infectious organisms.


18.At a later stage, the gland tissue is studded with minute yellow foci which tend to enlarge and in time to become confluent, so that the whole gland is ultimately converted into a caseous mass.

19.They are also composed of the same granular rounded cells, though they may, especially in the chronic forms, have undergone caseous, fibrous, or calcareous degeneration.

20.This destruction of the surface epithelium seems to be the essential factor in the production of the caseous patch, often called the false membrane.



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