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  • n.女像柱



kae ri ae tihd





a sculptured female figure, usu. in flowing Grecian robes, used as a supporting architectural column.


"柱上雕刻的、穿袍的女性形象",1560年代,源自法语 cariatide,源自拉丁语 caryatides,源自希腊语 Karyatidēs(单数 Karyatis)"卡里亚的阿尔忒弥斯女祭司"(希腊语 Karyai),卡里亚是拉科尼亚的一个城镇,在阿尔忒弥斯神庙里举行舞蹈节。类似情况下的男性形象是 Atlantēs,复数形式为 Atlas。相关词汇: Caryatic。


Latin caryatides, plural, from Greek karyatides priestesses of Artemis at Caryae, caryatids, from Karyai Caryae in Laconia

The first known use of caryatid was in 1563


cascade1 of 2noun

a steep usually small waterfall

cascade2 of 2verb

to fall in or as if in a cascade

cascade1 of 2noun

a steep usually small waterfall

cascade2 of 2verb

to fall in or as if in a cascade


any of several muskmelons that have a usually yellow rind and sweet flesh and keep well


a sculptured figure of a woman in flowing robes used as a column in architecture


a sculptured figure of a woman in flowing robes used as a column in architecture

caryatid 例句

1.On a visit to the Acropolis in Athens, he admired the caryatids’ braids and texted photos to Slatoff, asking him to do something similar with Hecuba’s hair.

2.Then he noticed Alicia, sitting motionless in her seat, just as he had left her, with the expressionless face of a caryatid.

3.The former shows an exquisite design, supported on either side by caryatids, gracefully carved; and the latter, of the same period, is practically of the same design.

4.That complicated social position is reflected in the caryatids’ striking discs, which relate back to lip plates and crowns and heavy earrings.

5.You may think that David Cameron's well-heeled colleagues would give him a marble caryatid bought from the Frieze Masters art fair for his birthday.

6.It has moreover the rare and distinctive feature of what is known as a caryatid porch, that is to say, one in which the entablature is upheld by caryatides or statues representing female figures.

7.Their eccentric profile, isolated against white, forms a kind of muscular torso, not unlike Matisse’s 1909 “Bather,” striding through water, or one of Modigliani’s caryatids.

8.The discovery includes marble caryatids and a pair of sphinxes.

9.They were the foundation of the modern British economy, “a sort of caryatid”, wrote George Orwell, “upon whose shoulders nearly everything that is not grimy is supported”.

10.On the ceiling seventeen white, full-breasted caryatids, bending under the weight of the roof, supported the wide bands of rock crystal, with electrical bulbs, which shed a sort of moonlight.

11.The caryatid, which first came about in ancient Greece, is a carving of a standing woman used as a column to support an architectural structure.

12.Its tiered, warm bronze facade, whose color shifts with the sun, riffs on Yoruba caryatids and ironwork designs by a former South Carolina slave, playing off a phalanx of white marble mausoleums lining the National Mall.

13.Ms. Mutu, who at 47 is tall and poised, likens her facade sculptures to caryatids.

14.It draws on the shape of a Yoruban caryatid, a traditional West African column with a corona at the top.

15.The sun outside rains down gold upon the swarming mass, tinging it with many-changing, chameleon, southern tints between the white, motionless wings of the Imperial, whose caryatids look down placidly.

16.Her inaugural works for the Met’s façade—a set of four female bronze caryatids, larger than life and stylized in the tradition of high-ranking African women—challenge the institution’s own history of Eurocentrism and patriarchy.

17.If I had time and space, it would be very interesting to study George Eliot's attitude towards that mighty woman, the full-bosomed caryatid of romantic literature, who had by a few years preceded her.

18.Meanwhile, caryatids stand tall, and Alexander the Great dreams of eternity, in this museum's jaw-dropping Greek art collection.

19.The caryatids were found at the tomb’s second entrance.

20.This time it was broken by, perhaps not the loudest, but certainly the most travelling voice yet—the voice of the caryatid beneath the bracket with the bust upon it.



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