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  • adv. 专制地



of, relating to, or characteristic of a despot

a despotic government


  • adv. 专制地
  • imperiously, autocratically


see despot

The first known use of despotic was in 1604

despotically 例句

1.a nation ruled by a series of despotic rulers, each seemingly worse than the last

2.the despotic coach demands that his players obey him without question

3.Eventually Noa does find his family — when he and Mae are captured and taken to a kingdom ruled by the despotic Proximus Caesar (Kevin Durand).

4.My father came from Iraq, where occupation, American meddling and despotic leadership were the norm in his lifetime.

5.The point of helping Ukraine defend itself against its despotic foe — like the point of defending Israel, or Taiwan, or NATO members rich or poor — isn’t altruism.

6.That includes efforts to undermine democracy by anyone with designs on despotic rule.

7.Tiberius, who is remembered as a despotic recluse, spent the last 10 years of his reign living on Capri.

8.Eventually, Bach’s little Eden will suffer violent incursions and he, unlike these despotic overlords, will come to accept the fact that lofty goals can be tragically vulnerable and disastrously easy to undermine.

9.Following the origin story of Coriolanus Snow, the despotic leader of Panem, the new film—which premiered November 17—promises danger, drama, and an alternate universe to look toward for inspiration.

10.In the late eighteenth century, liberal thinkers worried about the despotic state and religious and revolutionary fanaticism and sought freedom through constitutions and bills of rights.



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