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  • adj. 可拆卸的,可分开的




detached 分离的,分开的;超然的


detachment 分离,拆开;超然;分遣;分遣队


detached 分离


detach 分离;派遣;使超然


  • adj.designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage



to separate especially from a larger mass and usually without violence or damage


  • adj. 可分开的;可拆开的;可分遣的
  • dividual


French détacher, from Old French destachier, from des- de- + -tachier (as in atachier to attach)

The first known use of detach was in 1686

detachable 例句

1.Humidification system of HIMOD flagship series is detachable electrode tank type humidifier.


2.The collection was intelligent and intriguing — and it would have been even more so from close up, where it would be possible to see the detachable collars, sleeves and windbreaker hoods.

3.As I hold the detachable showerhead for Pop, he washes his hair, and I watch the suds run down his neck and over Grandmom’s green rosary beads.

4.While not all refrigerators have this detachable vent, those that do can be vacuumed out with a brush-head attachment.

5.Others — the queen with a detachable chin, a clown smile, a carrot stuck through her head — are not, and landed Mr. Condo in hot water when he brought them to the Tate Modern.

6.Why aren’t new homes built with detachable attractive stair gates installed as part of the original construction?

7.Without well-rounded, multi-layered characters, even the most intricate plots and heart-pounding action sequences can fall flat, leaving readers feeling detached and unfulfilled.

8.Even those who still have detachable storm windows around find them heavy to lift and heavy to vent but improbably light when a big gust of wind gets under a corner and sends one flying.

9.When they dropped by Andy Warhol’s Factory wearing top hats and dress shirts with detachable collars, the receptionist would announce, “Those old-fashioned people are here again.”

10.To charge several gadgets simultaneously, he throws into his luggage a Wonpro universal power strip that comes with detachable cords tipped with different adapters.

11.Or it may be worth it to buy a detachable keyboard, which is about $30.

12.Mr. Díaz is not a detachable part of the project, as percussionists sometimes can be in ensembles that you hear at jazz clubs.

13.They have too many appendages, too many detachable parts.

14.There's a modish retro flavour to proceedings, with SNL-er Will Forte donning a feather-cut mullet and removing his detachable stereo every time he gets out of his car.

15.Highlights of his collection included a long-sleeved sheer dress with a beaded collar and cuffs and heavy coats in black, dark green and gray that came with fur sleeves and detachable fur hoods.

16.Since 1986, the detachable balloon catheter was made of Chinesemade materials by the authors themselves.


17.There are design variants with detachable and non-detachable inner rings as well as sealed and unsealed designs.


18.“The detachable piece is worn during the ceremony for a dramatic entrance, and then removed for dancing all night,” Mr. Pozen said.

19.He designed a 3-D game cube with moving sides and detachable game pieces.

20.Designers have updated the detachable sleeve by making them a finishing touch to a strapless or sleeveless gown.



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