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dih tek t bl


  • adj. 可检测的;可发觉的



transitive verb

to discover the true character of

detecting drug smugglers

to discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice?

detect alcohol in the blood


intransitive verb

to work as a detective



to discover the nature, existence, presence, or fact of

detect the approach of an airplane


to discover the nature, existence, presence, or fact of

detect the approach of an airplane


Middle English, from Latin detectus, past participle of detegere to uncover, detect, from de- + tegere to cover — more at thatch

The first known use of detect was in 1574

detectable 例句

1.The second part is a computer program called Echo that lets you know if the plane is detectable.

2.Then I realized he was making some sort of joke and endeavoured to smile appropriately, though I suspect some residue of my bewilderment, not to say shock, remained detectable in my expression.

3.Working with her new husband, Pierre, Curie found that certain kinds of rocks poured out constant and extraordinary amounts of energy, yet without diminishing in size or changing in any detectable way.

4.The absence of detectable stellar parallax as the Earth moved suggested that the stars were much farther away than the Sun.

5.After all, if every behavior is eventually traced to detectable correlates of brain activity, does this mean we can one day write off all troublesome behavior on a don’t-blame-me-blame-my-brain theory of crime?

6.Treatment of early detectable cancers.


7.And, as music, it can be airborne, easily transmittable, barely detectable.

8.Waiting for a dreaded event—an interview, a Supreme Court decision—it is as leaden and as detectable as a stone in the palm; when revelling in a welcome one, it takes flight.

9.But certain things aren't detectable using conventional methods: black holes, for instance, or cold dark matter.


10.The really interesting questions deal with possible interactions of dark matter and detectable matter.

11.The mechanism for detectable transient changes of IMA in response to demand ischemia requires elucidation.


12.In fact, studies have shown that more than 95 percent of Americans older than 12 still have detectable levels of PCBs in their blood.


13.A complicating factor for growers is that smoke taint is not immediately detectable.

14.But the two key areas in this discussion are what is the maximum detectable flaw size?


15.That Hitchcock influence is clearly detectable, as are many others, but he has created a genre that is his own.

16.The number on their house is not detectable.

17.The problem is that such changes are much too small to make the tiniest detectable difference to us.

18.When they shone pulses of light at the cell, it duly produced a "beautiful green" laser beam detectable with the naked eye.


19.It will be immediately detected, it will be investigated quickly, and it will be prosecuted.

20.Though the songs are composed electronically, the skeletons of their live-instrument studio conception are detectable, more pronounced in some songs than in others.

detectable 同义词相关


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