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dih struhk tih bl


  • adj. 可破坏的;易损坏的


destructibility (n.)




destructive 破坏的;毁灭性的;有害的,消极的


destructively 破坏地;狼狈地


destruction 破坏,毁灭;摧毁

destruct 自毁

destructiveness 破坏性;毁灭性;破坏能力

destructibility 可破坏性;易毁坏性


destruct 自毁


  • adj.easily destroyed



capable of being destroyed


  • adj. 可破坏的;易损坏的
  • flimsy


The first known use of destructible was circa 1755

destructible 例句

1.The environments vary in scale and are widely destructible, so you can pick up a chopstick on one stage and a telegraph pole on another and unleash roughly equivalent devastation on your unfortunate opponent.

2.The tropical island setting is littered with destructible objects and AI buggies to avoid — or crash into.

3.If there is an intelligent civilization out there, why would these easily destructible things be the way they signal their presence?

4.Now, it has been replaced with a less destructible bronze version.

5.Two teams of five face off against one another on a map that’s filled with non-playable characters, obstacles, and destructible buildings, all of which have an effect on the tide of battle.

6.Initially levels are fairly straightforward, but eventually you’ll have to deal with moving platforms, destructible bridges, moving trains, branching paths, and giant purple crystals.

7.The environments are also destructible and what ensues is a big sandbox of explosive insect based carnage.

8.Destructible rocks block the ideal building placement point at this expansion, however.


9.You’d have old cars, awesome costumes, and a totally destructible Chicago set in the Roaring Twenties.

10.Gameplay is enhanced with new combat and more destructible game worlds along with a new set of Marvel gadgets and vehicles.

11.Battlefield 1 is built around the same Frostbite engine as previous games in the series, making buildings, fortifications, and other artificial terrain completely destructible.

12.In this stony coffin, all the softer and destructible parts of the body had submitted to decay, with the exception before mentioned—the teeth.

13.An added bonus is the obvious creativity that goes into gameplay due to a focus on destructible environments.

14.First announced in 2001, it has been through several major revisions, and now features a brand new character progression system, as well as fresh multiplayer modes and a destructible environment.

15.Subsistence cannot possibly run short, for the inherent powers of the soil are not permanently destructible.

16.From the footage shown, it doesn’t exactly look like it, as the clips are combat focused and have destructible environments and catastrophic world events.

17.She lamented, “Now they are telling the industry to make plastics destructible so they don’t harm the environment.”

18.‘Fire’ explores the molecular characteristics of carbon’s many forms, from diamond to graphene — what makes them sticky or slippery, strong or weak, destructible or indestructible and, above all, useful.

19.This bevy of variables — between operators, destructible and constructible environmental elements, enemy types, spawn points, maps, difficulty settings and more — will likely give the game a long shelf life.

20.“Then you are far too easily destructible,” Celia murmurs softly, winking at him as Chandresh sweeps by and offers her his arm.



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