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  • adj.雕刻的
  • 动词carve的过去分词.




carved 有雕刻的


carving 雕刻;雕刻品;雕刻术

carver 切肉刀;雕刻者;切肉的人


carved 雕刻(carve的过去式和过去分词)

carving 雕刻(carve的ing形式)


carve 切开;做雕刻工作


carve 雕刻;切开;开创



1. made for or formed by carving (`carven' is archaic or literary);

"the carved fretwork"

"an intricately carved door"

"stood as if carven from stone"


  • adj. 雕刻的
  • glyptic, sculptural


The first known use of carven was in the 14th century

carven 例句

1.I do not read upon each stone The name that once was carven there; I merely note new blossoms blown And breathe the perfume of the air.

2.This latter statement they were almost ready to accept, so richly carven was the yellow stone and so harmonious the proportions of nave and aisle.

3.From window and dormer, from low door-ways, from carven eaves and gables, gaunt faces looked down on the stir, and pale lips prayed, and dull eyes glowed with hope.

4.Never thought I would see United States Senators acting like such carven lapdogs.

5.What spells, what enchantments of ancient wizardry have not been recited among thy carven shadows!

6.Now is sung: Nicolette is prisoned fast, In a vaulted chamber cast, Shaped and carven wondrous well, Painted as by miracle.

7.Judith turned abruptly, faced God's half-acre, and Ben stood still with eyes on her rigid shoulders and carven profile.

8.Now the strange thing was that whereas the boy might burst into weeping at a chance rebuke, he stood these beatings under the bamboo without a sound, his face carven and pale as an image.

9.The excavation sequence and excavation method of the main carven system affect directly the completion date, quality, safety and cost of the project.


10.They are doing good work in glass, I know, and in carven stone, and some other things, but that is mostly for the rich abbeys.

11.At one center the English likened such carven figures to the faces of veiled nuns.

12.Removed a little upon the other side sat Gandalf in a chair of carven wood; and he seemed at first to be asleep.

13.Instantly the roars ceased, and all the vast crowd stood as mute as carven statues.

14.Pippin saw his carven face with its proud bones and skin like ivory, and the long curved nose between the dark deep eyes; and he was reminded not so much of Boromir as of Aragorn.

15.The key problem of the excavation of the main carven system is to determine the best excavation sequence and excavation options according to the concrete features of the project.


16.Olaf the Peacock bade him be with him In his new mighty house so carven and bright, And leave this house to Rannveig and his sons: He said that would be well, yet never goes.

17.The results of the studies on the blasting excavation sequence and excavation options for the main carven system on the right bank of Three Gorges can be taken for reference by relevant units.


18.The mountain laurel holds above gleaming leaves its marvelously carven cups, faint pink or white, amber-flecked.

19.Let us, however, suppose that the reconnaissance has been successful, and that an outcrop of bone has been found, serving like a tombstone carven with strange characters to indicate the burial-place of some primeval monster.

20.On one side stood a large raised daïs for sitters, and for non-sitters who wished to sit down there were quaint old carven chairs.



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