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  • n.[动]肉冠;[植]种阜;[解]肉阜


  • n.an outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds






obsolete French caruncule, from Latin caruncula little piece of flesh, diminutive of caro flesh — more at carnal

The first known use of caruncle was in 1615



a small fleshy growthspecifically: a reddish growth situated at the urethral meatus in women and causing pain and bleeding see lacrimal caruncle

caruncle 例句

1.The most northerly is C. tricarunculatus of Costa Rica and Veragua, a brown bird with a white head and three long caruncles growing upwards at the base of the beak.

2.The caruncles of some laboratory specimens became worn before finally dropping off.

3.RESULTS: The patients' epicanthus disappeared with exposed lacrimal caruncle and unartificial intercanthus angle, and no obvious scar after operation.


4.He remains unsure of what the change in the caruncles might signal, or why it’s important.

5.Almost every caruncle present after 50 days could be flicked off easily with a probe or fingernail.

6.The bill is orange and black, the caruncles on his forehead orange, and the cere orange; the orbits scarlet, and the irides white.

7.In the breeding season the male is black and has a fleshy red caruncle, or horn, on the top of its head.

8.The seeds cannot be carried so well unless this ridge, caruncle, be present.

9.The emeus have no helmet, their head is feathered, their neck has no caruncles, and their inner toes bear a claw of no singular character.

10.They found that beaked animals tended to be born from eggs laid on land and from embryos that had a structure on the tip of their snouts known as a caruncle.

11.The caruncle remains on the beak for a variable length of time, but never is present in the spring following hatching.

12.In the developing embryo, the beak originates near the caruncle and then gradually expands backward.

13.The throat, also, is sometimes ornamented with a beard, or with wattles or caruncles.

14.Objective To establish a simple and safe method of urethral caruncle resection.


15.Esophagus cancer is to point to former hair the cancerous tumor at esophagus, basically include scale cancer, gland cancer, did not split up caruncle of cellule cancer, cancer.


16.These protuberances in their periodical appearance resemble the fleshy caruncles on the heads of certain birds; but whether they serve as ornaments must remain at present doubtful.

17.In speaking of the EYE, by fold is meant the Mongolian fold which covers the caruncle.

18.Seed of Ricinus or Castor oil plant, with caruncle.

19.The role of the caruncle in opening the shell seems to vary among different species of turtles.

20.After about 60 days of incubation inside their eggs, turtle hatchlings use a temporary tooth called a caruncle to break out of their shells.



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