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美:[ˈkæzˌbɑ, ˈkɑz-]


  • n.阿拉伯式之宫廷



kaez b [or] kaez ba [or] kaz ba



(sometimes l.c.) the old, crowded native quarter of any of several North African cities, esp. Algiers.

the citadel and palace of a North African ruler.


  • n. (北非的)城堡;(北非城市的)旧城区
  • castle, alcazar


“卡斯巴”(kasba)源于北非阿拉伯方言,意为“堡垒”,1738年由法语 casbah 引入,指北非城市的旧城区或城堡。


French, from Arabic dialect qaṣba

The first known use of casbah was in 1844

casbah 例句

1.Decades have passed since she and her friends moved between hideouts in the winding streets of the casbah of Algiers, where freedom fighters once organized in secret.

2.Also among the possibilities: Iceland in winter, exploring the “birthplace of tea” in China, or strolling through the sacred granaries, casbahs and feasts of Morocco, or tracking wolves in Sweden.

3.The building is now called the casbah, and used as a large barrack; outside are the Moorish houses, and the chief part of the Moorish population.

4.The community’s salmon-pink palette was suggested by the rosy sandstone walls, and its hilltop clubhouse, introduced by a Middle Eastern-style water stair, was placed to overlook the villas like a casbah surveying so many riads.

5.His ambitious to-do list includes building a bus station and a library, and finishing renovation of the old town, or casbah.

6.We went on patrol, into the casbah, and I think that was the first time I sensed the existential fear of living under constant threat.

7.The little donkeys, obstinate and cunning, that trot in the narrow lanes of Algerian casbahs, appear here and there in his sermons.

8.Once I'm inside a culinary casbah, I'm on the lookout for spices I've never tried before, because I love to cook and to experiment with new flavors.


9.Strummer’s lyrics are inspired by Iran’s post-Islamic revolution ban on pop music, the singer’s idea being that the people would rise up and “rock the casbah”.

10.She was arrested at a hideout in the casbah in 1957 but freed five years later, when Algeria declared independence in 1962, sparking the mass exodus of Europeans from the country.

11.As I had attended the dinner, given by one of the casbah’s reigning hostesses, Laure Welfling, I was happy to confirm the story and earn my second scoop of soufflé.

12.On Jan. 23, crowds gathered outside the colonnaded courthouse, along a sylvan street in Tunisia’s old town, known as the casbah.

13.A man who said his name was Ali Baba presided over the place like a casbah chieftain.

14.The face-offs that started with a break-in at Wick’s house have since traveled to antique weapons stores and Casablanca casbahs; New York City tunnels, bridges, harbors, and public libraries; and European museums and churches, with no civilians ever getting caught in the crossfire.

15.La Muralla Roja, designed in 1968 and completed in 1973, in the coastal city of Calpe, reimagined the North African casbah as a bright pink assemblage of walls and stairways as if arranged by M.C. Escher.

16.Hundreds of angry police officers demonstrated the next day outside his office in the casbah.

17.So if you’re looking for a chateau or casbah kitsch, go elsewhere.

18.Tourists need a guide to pilot them through the Casbah.


19.Casbah: What's Good About Goodbye?


20.Tourists need a guide to pilot them through the Casbah.




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