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des pr t li [or] des priht li


  • adv. 绝望地,拼命地,不顾一切地;非常,极其


比较级:more desperately

最高级:most desperately




desperate 不顾一切的;令人绝望的;极度渴望的


desperation 绝望的境地;不顾一切拼命



in a desperate way; with a sense of extreme urgency, need, or despair.They worked desperately to stop the flooding.She tried desperately to save her child.

greatly and seriously.She stole the bread because she was desperately hungry.Our funds are desperately low.The refugees are desperately in need of help.


  • adv. 拼命地;绝望地;极度地
  • profoundly, overly


desperate + -ly >entry 2

The first known use of desperately was circa 1547

desperately 例句

1.I look at my dad, grabbing his hand desperately.

2.He was shouting wildly, desperately, shouting at Bod to call the thing off, to save him, please, please...and then the man’s face was pulled through the wall, and the voice was silenced.

3.“No,” I gasped down to Beau’s eyes, looking desperately up at me.

4.These communities desperately need their young men to be holding down jobs and supporting their families, rather than wasting away in prison cells.

5.I fought desperately with the fabric, struggling to free myself.

6.Doha raced back to the clinic, shouting desperately for his father.

7.On he ran desperately, but kept looking back, and saw that they still gained steadily.


8.I struggled desperately to help him, but I could not move beneath the heavy blankets.

9.The mind begins to turn in on itself, and one desperately wants something outside of oneself on which to fix one’s attention.

10.Inigo took a step from his stoop, trying desperately to make his eyes focus through the brandy.

11.I desperately needed something to occupy me during those long, lonely nights.


12.Some people cried, while others were desperately looking for their ticket stubs.

13.All I had to do to save myself was let go of the stupid fishing rod, but it was the biggest tarpon I’d ever seen and I wanted desperately to catch it.

14.She and I were all for strengthening the character of black youth across America, but we also needed rather desperately to get to Water Tower Place before the K-Swiss sneaker sale ended.

15.The people of the Protectorate screamed and ran from the wall, even as Antain desperately called out that they had nothing to fear.

16.He was trying desperately to cultivate a mustache on his upper lip and had filled in the empty areas with what looked like brown shoe polish.

17.And from that moment on, it would become the property of those so desperately devoted to it.

18.The three of them squatted outside the bird’s reach as it looked sharply and desperately from one to the other.

19.In a fit of fear and rage, Abel thrust again and again, desperately, without plan.

20.The robot could only stand in the shallows and watch as her son left the other geese behind and desperately swam toward his mother.



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