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  • n. 可破坏性;易毁坏性


  • n.vulnerability to destruction



capable of being destroyed


capable of being destroyed


The first known use of destructible was circa 1755

destructibility 例句

1.As to the destructibility of diamonds she learned that they can be converted by the action of heat or electricity into that most banal substance—black lead!

2.Instead scientists gained a serendipitous insight into the destructibility of asteroids, which could help defend Earth against future asteroid hazards.

3.Conceiving this attribute in the abstract we form the terms “corruptibility,” “destructibility,” etc.

4.The induced bending moment may lead to destructibility of the pipeline.


5.Like most of the other Valorant maps, Lotus introduces some new ideas with the two most prominent being rotating doors and a destructible door/wall.

6.Players can assemble an ever-evolving all-star squad of Super Heroes and Super Villains, while battling with unique super powers across a dynamic lineup of destructible maps from across the Marvel Multiverse.

7.This does wonders for destructible environments, a franchise mainstay that other games have toyed with but never done quite so well.

8.The other new addition to multiplayer is destructible walls.

9.There's lots of destructibility, too, especially with cover, which gets gradually destroyed by bullet fire so players have to keep on moving.

10.She knows, as well as the poet, that destructibility is not one of nature’s words; that it is only the relationship of things—tangibility, visibility—that are transitory.

11.During the show, Google demoed a fully destructible game world that took advantage of cloud compute power.

12.In 1965, Pope Pius VI foreshadowed Francis, when, in a United Nations address, he too spoke about the destructibility of the world at the hands of humanity.

13.We should be forced to believe in the thorough degradation and destructibility of both mind and matter.

14.If we include land under this term, we must make it an exception to the rule of destructibility.

15.All the processes by which I had been able to arrive at the precious proof of the destructibility of matter were there—all.

16.Another reason why money has never been popular with us is because of its destructibility.

17.The entire environment is destructible, making The Finals feel like a first-person shooter like no other.

18.Russ Bullock, Piranha Games CEO and campaign director, showed off the destructible environments as these lumbering machines blasted each other.

19.The ground fracture in Xi an is a sort of unique city geologic hazard, its area of coverage pole expand, destructibility very strong, afterwards becoming a chiefly nature calamity of Xi'an.


20.The destructibility or indestructibility of the ether cannot be considered from the same standpoint as that for matter, either ideally or really.



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