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e vr lae stIng


  • adj. 永恒的;接连不断的


everlastingly (adv.), everlastingness (n.)




everlastingly 永久地;持久地;不停地



lasting or enduring through all time : eternal

continuing for a long time or indefinitely

tediously persistent

the everlasting sympathy-seeker who demands attention—H. A. Overstreet

wearing indefinitely

everlasting twill pants



from everlasting

capitalized god sense 1—used with the

any of several chiefly composite plants (such as cudweed) with flowers that can be dried without loss of form or color compare pearly everlasting

the flower of an everlasting


everlasting1 of 2adjective

lasting forever : eternal

going on for a long time or for too long

everlasting complaints

keeping form or color for a long time when dried

everlasting flowers

everlasting2 of 2noun

a plant with everlasting flowers

an everlasting flower


from everlasting开天辟地以来,自古以来 

everlasting love永远的爱;不朽之爱

everlasting life永生;[宗教]来世

from everlasting to everlasting永远地


  • adj. 永恒的;接连不断的
  • eternal, permanent, lasting, timeless


 perpetual, permanent, endless, everlasting, eternal









The first known use of everlasting was in the 13th century

everlasting 例句

1.It is now completed by your own faint reflection, plus that of the everlasting traffic on Route 27.

2."Think of the Goof as a composite of an everlasting optimist, a gullible Good Samaritan, a half-wit, a shiftless, good-natured colored boy, and a hick," Babbitt told his staff in 1934.

3.Everyone must go through this stage with their parents, but the final, unflinching revelation of , which I won't spoil, shows the everlasting regret that can follow a failure of empathy inside a family.

4.The humiliation I live with, because this suggestion is everlasting since the song became - and continues to be - greatly loved as one of the most powerful components of The Smiths canon.

5.Today, Jews light the menorah, a candelabra with eight candles — and one "helper" candle, called a shamas — to remember the Hanukkah oil, which kept the Jerusalem temple's everlasting lamp burning brightly.

6.Animated frescoes arrange and rearrange into different celestial scenes: the gods and goddesses, an everlasting rose, the kings and queens of old, the islands of Orléans, the heavens.

7.We spent the next round debating whether a spark is a prerequisite for everlasting devotion.

8.“She made millions feel like natural women, and she earned our everlasting Respect with each performance. May Aretha Franklin’s voice ring now throughout the heavens.”

9.These were the ladies who drowned their shame and floated in living people’s houses with their hair undone to show their everlasting despair.

10.The gathering itself felt like a tacit goodbye to the rock age, as well as a loud consecration of this music’s everlasting life.

11.I wonder if my ma was excited to land here, if her head was full of peace and good hope and joy everlasting.

12.See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


13.Scarlet Indian paintbrush and violet penstemon and beardtongue, plus handfuls of pearly everlasting and other white and yellow flowers, have joined them over the years.

14.God's love is everlasting, and his patience endures forever.


15.Goldberg, to his everlasting credit, decided to keep on baiting.

16.From the time Moroni told Joseph he had been chosen to deliver a book containing “the fullness of the everlasting Gospel,” he must have constantly meditated on what was being asked of him.

17.To their everlasting credit, Weird Al and The Gregory Brothers make it clear that the problems facing America during the coronavirus pandemic have not been "both sides are to blame" situations.

18.He even claimed to have been there on one of his higher flights, and to have seen the everlasting fields of clover and the linseed cake and lump sugar growing on the hedges.

19.Nothing could have been better calculated to activate all of Jefferson’s interior antennae, since his primacy as the author of the Declaration was his major claim to everlasting fame.

20.Something about the prospect of everlasting sameness can sap the will to live.

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pearly everlasting



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