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for shor


  • n. 海滩;前滩





the ground between a body of water and land built upon or cultivated.

the part of the shore exposed at low tide and covered at high tide.


  • n. 海滩;前滩
  • sea beach, lagune


The first known use of foreshore was in 1764

foreshore 例句

1.The hot tendrils of magnesium drifted slowly down the dark and the pale foreshore tide started in the glare and slowly faded.

2.Elaine Kelly from event organisers the Harbour Foreshore Authority was delighted with the result.


3.All around her in the dark, other holidaymakers waited anxiously in their bobbing boats, scanning the foreshore.

4.The idea is to pump oil-eating bacteria into the ocean and foreshore to speed up the natural effect of the sea’s own organisms.

5.Lonely Planet said the addition of new stretches of the almost 3,000 mile-long England Coast Path in 2020 would allow visitors to "explore beaches and foreshores right up to the water's edge".

6.Scarborough's taxi drivers dreaded his visits, knowing they would be waiting on the foreshore into the early hours of the morning.

7.The fragment of a neolithic skull was mudlarked from the south bank of the river’s foreshore by Martin Bushell last September.

8.It’s all so random, such a jumble, which is why the foreshore isn’t really a proper archaeological site.

9.The sun, sand beach, and foreshore tanned her skin like chocolate.


10.Harper is napping in a car seat on the foreshore of Loch Long while we chat.

11.I’m told that only a handful of Neolithic skull remains have been found in London; it’s particularly rare to find one on the foreshore.

12.Police were called to the area at 10:30 BST after a suspected World War One or World War Two device was found on the foreshore on the River Thames.

13."In London, most of the finds come from mudlarks on the foreshore of the Thames."

14.Qigui, foreshore manager, a warm welcome to come to discuss business customers.


15.When ITN proposed to make a series of programmes called Mud Men on finds from the Thames foreshore, shortly to be screened on the History Channel, the mudlarks urged them to engage Geoff's services.

16.My clearest memory was of the shattered Citadel and the muddy streets and the stinking foreshore of the Pearl River in Hue, up the coast, the terminus of the railway line.

17.In Industrial-Age London, mudlarking was an unseemly occupation, the province of urchins and rudderless women, who picked the carcass of the Thames foreshore for coal, rope, nails and bones to sell for a few pennies.

18.From high tide to low, the level of the Thames near London Bridge drops seven feet, revealing a foreshore that yields an unusual bounty: objects from across the centuries, preserved in the mud.

19.Whether on the foreshore of the Thames or the deserted beaches of Soko, the planet is awash with pandemic plastic.

20.Last month, a rare Roman oil lamp found on the river’s foreshore by Alan Suttie, an amateur treasure hunter, also went on display at the Museum of London.



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