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  • n.木薯


  • n.
    • a starch made by leaching and drying the root of the cassava plant; the source of tapioca; a staple food in the tropics
    • cassava root eaten as a staple food after drying and leaching; source of tapioca
    • any of several plants of the genus Manihot having fleshy roots yielding a nutritious starch


cassava starch木薯淀粉


  • n. [作物]木薯(等于cassawa)
  • yuca


"热带美洲植物,因其可食用的块茎而被栽培",1560年代,源自法语 cassave,西班牙语 casabe 或葡萄牙语 cassave,来自海地语言塔伊诺(阿拉瓦克语)caçabi。早期英语中称为 cazabbi(1550年代)。





又称 :木薯(Manihot esculenta Crantz)


木薯:木薯属的一种灌木,特别是木薯(M.esculenta Crantz)和其含淀粉的块根。块根含氰化氢,在取得淀粉的加工过程中需将氰化氢除去。得到的淀粉可用于配制食物(汤,面包和木薯淀粉)和胶


Spanish cazabe cassava bread, from Taino caçábi

The first known use of cassava was in 1555



any of several tropical plants with a fleshy root that yields a nourishing starchalso: the root or its starch compare tapioca

cassava 例句

1.Ms Pisamai, a cassava farmer, is waiting for the all-clear to go home.


2.This creative breeding cemented cassava's place in Amazonian cultures and diets, ensuring its manageability and usefulness, just as the domestication of corn, rice and wheat cemented their places in cultures elsewhere.

3.It’s made from manioc, or cassava meal, and sprinkled on the dish like a crumb topping.

4.And humans had the cassava roots all to themselves, since pigs, porcupines, and other animals wouldn’t touch them.

5.When using cassava, it can either be made to be sweet or bitter.

在用木薯作食材的时候, 将其做成甜苦皆可.

6.The factory imports tapioca starch, a powder made from the cassava plant root, from Thailand.

7.I asked Dr. Tamba if he knew where we could get some rice and fish stew in palm oil, some cassava leaves or okra soup.

8.People were playing music and dancing, children were running around, and there was that familiar good smell of cooked cassava leaf in rich palm oil.

9.Growing cassava didn't completely eliminate people's need to search the forest for food, but it lightened the load, providing a plentiful, reliable food supply close to home.

10.The economic feasibility and development foreground of fuel alcohol produced by cassava were analyzed.


11.In addition, while traditional Amazonian methods for detoxifying cassava can be slow, they are easy to replicate and speed up with modern machinery.

12.Banana milk, cassava flour and pea yogurt may sound exotic, but I predict they’re going to be in your shopping cart in 2019.

13.This year, he expects to incorporate different products — cassava from Brazil and small, sweet peanuts from Ecuador — and add more dishes from his homeland.

14.Airy orbs of cassava, the root grated by hand, teeter between salty and sweet, with anise seeds and bacon stitched through the dough and molten guts of mozzarella and Cheddar.

15.In Vietnam, the silk is coarser: It is fed with cassava.

16.We have discovered scores of cassava varieties, growers using sophisticated breeding strategies to manage its toxicity, and elaborate methods for processing its dangerous yet nutritious products.

17.The article introduced the cassava of origin and distribution, production and utilization abroad.

笔者首先介绍了木薯的起源和分布 、 国内外木薯生产现状和利用途径.

18.We probably don't find any forms of the Cassava plant ever in the U.S.


19.Her mother raised chickens and grew sweet potatoes and cassava in a garden so she could cook Liberian food.

20.Main grain crop has cassava, taro, corn, banana to wait.

主要粮食作物有木薯 、 芋头 、 玉米 、 芭蕉等.



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