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ih vIns


  • vt. 表明,表示;引起







evincible (adj.)


transitive verb

to show or manifest clearly; give evidence of; make plain.The novel evinces optimism for humanity's future.The film evinces the director's familiarity with the subject.

to show that one has (a trait or quality).She evinced a talent for finance.



having the power to evoke an especially emotional response

an evocative photograph


an act or instance of evoking


to take out the internal organs of


to take out the internal organs of


to take out the internal organs of


to take out the internal organs of


to give evidence of : show clearly

evinced an interest in music at an early age


to give evidence of : show clearly

evinced an interest in music at an early age


  • vt. 表明,表示;引起
  • indicate, attract, produce, bid, cause


Latin evincere to vanquish, win a point, from e- + vincere to conquer — more at victor

The first known use of evince was in 1777

evince 例句

1.“This particular dragon has already evinced a fondness for roast pork. And roast dwarf is twice as tasty.”

2.“Macaroni and cheese?” she replied, her even tone evincing neither excitement nor dismay.

3.Yossarian marveled that children could suffer such barbaric sacrifice without evincing the slightest hint of fear or pain.

4.He contends that much of painting, photography, the cinema, and the arts evince not so much a “style” as a “look.”

5.Abrupt, emphatic things are said, in a manner evincing more concern for the judgment of the camera than for how the statements relate to reality or to any preceding statements.

6.Throughout their career, the group often sang a capella, evincing their vocal chops in a sea of lip-synced lyrics.

7.Yet his work evinces an intuitive understanding of the old line made famous by Winston Churchill about democracy being the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried.

8.They evince an artist set on exacting what might be characterized as one woman’s revenge on the male gaze while refusing to settle on what, physically, beauty in art should be.

9.On this occasion, it was a Wilson tale of deep scars nursed in the humdrum surroundings of a humble eatery on the brink of extinction that evinced unexpected emotional depth.

10.Only those insulated by extreme wealth could evince such blithe disregard for leather goods more costly than some used cars.

11.That at least shows the virtue of pragmatism, evinced by few of the other characters in this boiling stew of a play.

12.And an interview with the cast and creators of Will & Grace evinced neither particular familiarity with the show nor a take beyond that having fun is fun.

13.His precise, cleanly executed sculptures, evincing his training as an architect, are saturated with pointed critiques of prevailing American institutions.

14.The most common exception tends to involve pasta, as evinced by the reduced portions of say, lobster spaghetti and hay-smoked gnocchi with asparagus at Bibiana downtown.

15.She evinced no shock at my idea, just booked a table at Camille’s, an Italian restaurant in Providence’s Federal Hill neighborhood.

16.While she was doing press for “Sounder,” Tyson encountered white journalists who evinced surprise that black families were just as loving and tightly knit as their own.

17.Analysts said the HDZ reticence evinced a reluctance to alienate a vocal part of its support base.

18.Despite the memory lapse, Gabriel evinces a suspicious eloquence and flair for abstract thought.

19.Sire, the kindness your majesty deigns to evince towards me is a recompense which so far surpasses my utmost ambition that I have nothing more to ask for.


20.The whole book evinces the depth of Melania Trump’s “Be Best” program.



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