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  • n. 剥夺;抢夺




despoil 掠夺,剥夺;夺取


  • n.the act of stripping and taking by force



to strip of belongings, possessions, or value : plunder, pillage


  • n. 剥夺;抢夺
  • deprivation, divesture


Middle English despoylen, from Anglo-French despoiller, from Latin despoliare, from de- + spoliare to strip, rob — more at spoil >entry 1

The first known use of despoil was in the 14th century

despoilment 例句

1.In stark contrast to the sensible environmental policies of his Republican predecessors, Watt’s policy enthusiasms included drilling, clear-cutting, despoiling public lands, and shredding environmental regulations.

2.Don’t believe the cries that the 5-4 decision will despoil America’s precious wetlands.

3.The Minnesota park is under the charge of a state custodian, who cares for and protects it from despoilment.

4.Delacroix's picture portrays a scene in this despoilment.

5.At present, despite the despoilment and misuse of resources, there’s still a vibrant landscape to explore and to cherish.

6.She wanted to scream, cry, do something to protest this additional, gratuitous despoilment—dear sweet Jeshua, they had been killing her, why do something so pointless?—but she didn't seem to have the will.

7.In his estimation, all religions were so many devices invented by the wise for the more facile and effective despoilment of the witless. 

8.Gould's confederates and agents were ruined, financially and morally; scores of failures, dozens of suicides, the despoilment of a whole people, were the results of Gould's handiwork.

9.This urge to despoil images of the unpopular goes a long way toward explaining why so many statues of Nero lost their heads, said Eric R. Varner, professor of classics and art history at Emory University.

10.Then, on April 12, 1204, the invaders secured it again, and subjected it to a despoilment without parallel.

11.The monument, situated along the Arizona Strip, aims to protect the Grand Canyon from more uranium mining, which Native Americans said would despoil many sacred ancestral sites, leach into aquifers and threaten water supplies.

12.The landscape has been despoiled by industrial development.

13.The 1971 amendment mandates that New Mexico prevent the despoilment of air, water and other natural resources.

14.Historians François Jarrige and Thomas Le Roux unpick the broader social, economic and political factors underpinning our despoilment of the environment in their altogether more comprehensive history of pollution, The Contamination of the Earth.

15.Any accident risks even worse despoilment if ships leak oil, gas, chemicals or other substances.

16.The acquisition of money, except by despoilment, gift, royal favor, or inheritance, had been unknown at Oldenhurst.

17.Iraq has suffered from years of despoilment of its historic sites, as thieves have taken advantage of instability in the country.

18.Wind power faces stiff opposition from conservative politicians who object to what they see as taxpayer despoilment of the countryside.

19.What his thoughts were, realizing the loss of tribesmen, capture, despoilment of the Great Pearl Star, who could tell?

20.the burglars despoiled the art museum in search of treasures they thought they could sell to a fence

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