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  • n.个案记录簿;(法学院等供教学或参考用的)案例讲义;案例选辑





a book containing records of illustrative cases that is used for reference and instruction (as in law or medicine)

a compilation of primary and secondary documents relating to a central topic together with scholarly comment, exercises, and study aids that is designed to serve as a sourcebook for short papers (as in a writing course) or as a point of departure for a research paper






The first known use of casebook was in 1675



a book containing medical records of illustrative cases that is used for reference and instruction

casebook 例句

1.Most casebook authors gripe about the publisher’s marketing support, but usually the publisher takes some efforts.

2.A large casebook: one of the hundreds of incarnations.

3.We read casebooks and class notes in small study groups and talked endlessly about our lives, this new world we had entered and the careers we wanted.

4.Still, these books oddly complement each other — one is a casebook of symptoms, the other a cultural diagnosis.

5.Josh Blackman, a professor at South Texas College of Law and editor of a “Con Law” casebook, said they are rethinking years of teaching that the Roe v.

6.No. But in the context of casebook economics, I’m quite pleased with the results.

7.While the casebook is chiefly a teaching tool for student use, it should not be ignored as a research work as well.


8.His 1973 casebook, “Race, Racism and American Law,” is still in use in law schools in updated editions.

9.Recognizing this opportunity, Rebecca and I wrote a casebook over several years.

10.His subtitle refers to Akutagawa’s “casebook,” as though from a file in a mental hospital.

11.Gallo has become the casebook study for those who believe the game now lacks action, that is an all-or-nothing affair.

12.Instead, he has been holed up in the Columbia law library, poring over his contracts casebook.

13.For our cohort of would-be attorneys, the past 10 months have consisted of little beyond underlined casebooks, cold calls in lecture and obscure citation methodologies.

14.At the exact minute that the clock struck the top of the hour, Warren bounded into the room and rested her casebook on the podium.

15.Or we could roll up our sleeves, get to work, and find out by laying the theoretical foundations and building a solid casebook of empirical studies.

16.In the legal profession and beyond, the legacy of the Rittenhouse case will boil down to one more footnote in the nation’s voluminous casebook of violent confrontations:

17.NOTE TO WEBMASTERS: the Files on this and all of the UFO Casebook are provided for research and learning.


18.Those who wish to wait for a criminal inquiry before starting impeachment proceedings would do well to open an introductory law school casebook.

19.Part Freudian casebook, part satirical fable about absent or delinquent Mexican fathers, Abel is a straight-faced Buñuelian tragicomedy assaulting the absurdities of bourgeois life.

20.Professor Nancy Moore of the Boston University School of Law recently published a legal ethics casebook that included a chapter on bar admission.



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