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  • n.钱箱


  • n.a strongbox for holding cash


  • n. 钱箱;金库
  • treasury, chest

cashbox 例句

1.Actually, it was easy once he had hurdled the ticket-seller with his forged note and the five-dollar bill from the cashbox in his father's desk.

2.While the workers' wage has been screwed down to the last cent, the bosses have plunged into the cashbox up to their elbows.


3.Chinese Yuan bank notes are seen at a vendor's cashbox at a market in Beijing April 10, 2013.

4.The safe was not opened, the cashbox was closed, and had three thousand dollars in it.

5.Ruth succeeded in finding her uncle’s cashbox that had been stolen from him at the time a freshet carried away a part of the old mill.

6.I trust that cuddy hasn’t cropt your cashbox, Before your eldest son has got his portion.

7.He became profligate, got drunk at alehouses, sold his master's property to get money, or stole it out of the cashbox.

8.It was never in the cashbox at all.

9.The husband: But, full 4 days of keys that I did not find cashbox.


10.Excuse me, Harry—but in such moments!—And they have found the cashbox.

11.“With my father at home, I need to contribute to the family’s cashbox. We are still going to receive the electricity bill at the end of the month, aren’t we?”

12.They range from huge buildings like Cashbox to smaller restaurants with a special room for singing.


13.For some seconds all the girls gazed spellbound at the frozen figure in the cashbox.

14.Alas! my cashbox, my sabre with the silver chasing, my Daghestan dagger—the gift of a friend—all had vanished!

15.It is true that the safe was not open, but there was an ordinary cashbox on the table, with three thousand dollars in it.

16.We suspected him of removing the cashbox.


17.I'd taken the cashbox with me when I run for cover at the beginning of the trouble, and I'd brought it into the lions' cage with me.

18.And what of the priest's cashbox and copper money?''

19.I had not five hundred francs"—he smiled sadly, as if to insinuate that he did not handle such sums —"but I borrowed it from the cashbox of the journal.

20.He was counting rents in his cashbox in the front parlour, and she had come to him, and was leaning over his shoulder.



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