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de sl tor i


  • adj. 断断续续的;散漫的;不连贯的,无条理的


desultorily (adv.), desultoriness (n.)



disordered, disconnected, or unmethodical; aimless.The inexperienced sheriff conducted a desultory investigation that produced few clues.Her desultory essay was a disappointment to the professor.

occurring at random, by chance, or as a digression.A few desultory comments were made during the question period, but there was little discussion of the large issues raised in the meeting.



to separate especially from a larger mass and usually without violence or damage


to separate especially from a larger mass and usually without violence or damage


to separate especially from a larger mass and usually without violence or damage


passing aimlessly from one thing or subject to another

desultory conversation


  • adj. 断断续续的;散漫的;不连贯的,无条理的
  • loose, intermittent


Latin desultorius, literally, of a circus rider who leaps from horse to horse, from desilire to leap down, from de- + salire to leap — more at sally

The first known use of desultory was in 1581

desultory 例句

1.Selbo’s dialogue has a desultory density that seems perfectly apt -- just what these sort of intellectuals might say to one another in moments of emotional exigency.

2.A widow, she visits her husband’s grave, buys a few eggs on credit at a small grocery and engages in some desultory banter with a group of soldiers.

3.But his Sixth Symphony offers an unusually high proportion of true inspiration to desultory noodling.

4.One is lying down napping, two are sitting and smoking pipes and the others, standing and bearing muskets, seem to be engaged in desultory conversation.

5.Are we breaking ironic ground here, or taking two desultory steps back?

6.He plays with this formula partly through the unhurried, borderline desultory pacing that’s more common in art-house releases than in genre fare.

7.After more than a year of desultory streaming, anemic entertainment and panicky doomscrolling, it’s a dream come true.

8.This sense adds a desultory air to the proceedings.

9.Come to think of it, there was not much desultory chitchat at all.

10.Denis, who has a seductive visual style, spends a lot of time focused on Pattinson’s skull in “High Life,” which centers on his desultory character, Monte.

11.Even an extended European vacation would seem desultory without an acquaintance with the myths and legends that animate its culture.

12.But rather than serial romances pursued across the Continent, much of what follows consists of desultory pleasures enjoyed by Casanova at home and, later, affairs with servants at a Carpathian boarding house.

13.He changes diapers, makes meatballs, desultorily enforces some discipline and does a harrowing amount of laundry.

14.Sweeping strokes from brushes loaded with paint alternate with desultory, fuzzy-edged dabs.

15.Less outlandish but no more appealing are the desultory antics of the visiting New Yorkers.

16.In Albany, we were greeted by an empty, desultory station with a commuter-type coffee place.

17.A low-key, misleadingly desultory story about love, art and memory, this movie even cites the opening lines from “Swann’s Way,” the first volume of “In Search of Lost Time.”

18.Others disappeared almost without notice, their one big shot on the launching pad that SNL has become over the decades fizzling out in a nondescript series of tiny roles and desultory goodnight waves from home base at Rockefeller Center.

19.For all their desultory craziness, these shows make fine picnic merriment.

20.Without any explanation, the selection feels desultory, designed to show off the artist’s range, rather than her strengths.



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