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美:[ ,kæskə'rɪlə]


  • n.[植]西印度苦香树(产于西印度群岛)


  • n.West Indian shrub with aromatic bark


Spanish, diminutive of cáscara

The first known use of cascarilla was in 1686



the aromatic bark of a West Indian shrub (Croton eluteria) used for making incense and as a tonic called alsocascarilla bark

the shrub that yields cascarilla bark

cascarilla 例句

1.The copper pot-distilled liquid comes in two varieties: Spice 94 is made using oak, cascarilla bark, green cardamom, allspice berries, lemon peel and grapefruit peel.

2.This cascarilla is formed by the trituration of egg-shells; and the oval faces whitened with it resemble a larger egg, with features drawn on it in black and red.

3.Much better than plain water he considers water to which some light bitter has been added, such as cascarilla.

4.It was Bill who used to shriek after me, “Box o’ lyats,” and would not believe that I never smoked and had no use for the cascarilla scented vesuvians.

5.The bitterness is imparted by such substances as bitter orange rind, gentian, rhubarb, quassia, cascarilla, angostura, quinine and cinchona.

6.They also freely make use of a cosmetic called cascarilla, made from eggshells finely powdered and mixed with the white of the egg.

7.Tobacco and cascarilla bark also flourish; and cotton is indigenous and was woven into cloth by the aborigines.

8.The bark has been used as a substitute for cascarilla.

9.Messrs. Herring and Co., some years ago, drew the oil of cascarilla, but it was only offered to the trade as a curiosity.

10.The honest fellow feared lest his master might have caught again a touch of the old fever which had formerly attacked him in searching for cascarillas in the environs of Tipoani in Bolivia.

11."Ah, my son," said he as he clasped Marcoy's hand, "see what it costs to go hunting the cascarilla in the land of the infidels!"

12.Croton eleutheria.—This plant furnishes cascarilla bark, used as an aromatic bitter tonic, having no astringency.

13.Many persons very much object to the aroma of benzoin, while they greatly admire the fumes of cascarilla.

14.Besides this, it appears still more advantageous to give astringents: Venice treacle, decoctions of bark or cascarilla, pomegranate rind, and balaustines; all which certainly precipitate this drastic principle.

15."The reason," she said, "of the difference you perceived is this, that during the ceremonies of holy week they take off the cascarilla from their faces, and appear in their natural complexions."

16.This cascarilla is formed by the trituration of eggshells; and the oval faces whitened with it resemble a larger egg, with features drawn on it in black and red.

17.He smokes cascarilla, wears velveteen, and is as punctual as an executioner.

18.I asked the meaning of the word cascarilla, which I did not remember to have heard before.

19.Instead, Seedlip Garden is a spirit of peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary, and thyme, while Seedlip Spice is comprised of allspice, cardamom, oak, lemon, grapefruit, and cascarilla.



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