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ihg zawlt


  • v. <正式>提升,提拔;<正式>颂扬,吹捧;使得意







exalter (n.)




exalted 高尚的;尊贵的;兴奋的


exaltation 得意洋洋,欣喜;提拔;举起


exalted 高举;赞扬;使激动(exalt的过去分词)



transitive verb

to raise in rank, power, or character

to elevate by praise or in estimation : glorify

obsolete elate

to raise high : elevate

to enhance the activity of : intensify

rousing and exalting the imagination—George Eliot

intransitive verb

to induce exaltation



to raise in rank, power, or character

to praise highly : glorify


the act of exalting : the state of being exalted

a greatly heightened sense of personal well-being, power, or importance


to raise in rank, power, or character

to praise highly : glorify


exalttransitive verb

to cause (virulence) to increasealso: to increase the virulence of exalt a virus by repeated rapid passage through susceptible hosts

virulence exalted by addition of mucin to a bacterial culture


  • vt. 提升;提拔;赞扬;使得意
  • promote, upgrade, prefer, elevate


Middle English, from Latin exaltare, from ex- + altus high — more at old

The first known use of exalt was in the 15th century

exalt 例句

1.Like every exalted star, Mr. De Niro generates good will because of who he is and despite his ups and downs, the afterglow of his great performances enveloping him like a luminous cloud.

2.But it took Goldstein a few decades to arrive at such an exalted position.

3.And the genius of “Lincoln,” finally, lies in its vision of politics as a noble, sometimes clumsy dialectic of the exalted and the mundane.

4.All the pictures document as well as exalt the artist’s process, which she compares to meditation.

5.He writes that Vincent's technique matches his temperament: “vigorous, exalted, brutal, intense.”

6.I have wept to see the life drain out of one of my plays, and been exalted by productions that have discovered life that I had never imagined.

7.And if you think this sounds like a way to show how exalted and powerful classical music is, well, be my guest.

8.You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you.


9.While most of those interviewed seem to have found a middle ground, there’s still a deep anti-Semitism in the country, as well as, surprisingly, philo-Semitism, in which some Germans exalt Jewish culture.

10.We headed out into the night exalted, until, like I said, our conversation dried up completely.

11.Through much of the book, Mishra sounds downright giddy to be living through a time when “many of our exalted ideas about ourselves have collapsed” and “mind-numbing simplicities about democracy” are being shattered.

12.With each new format change, Apple Corps is able to ensure that the Beatles enjoy an uncluttered stage in which their masterworks shine brightly, unchallenged by competing artists for their exalted place in the spotlight.

13.While exalting the books of my professors, they never mentioning publication, making it seem impossible.

14.This last testament exalts earth, flesh and survival.

15.Few modern rock heros are so exalted in the genre.

16.It’s rich stuff, especially in the exalted setting of Danspace Project in St. Mark’s Church, where “Triptych” had its debut on Thursday as the last of three works by Ms. Lavagnino on the program.

17.But he said he will also focus on less exalted, and less expensive appellations.

18.Instead, it confronts quotidian woes that evoke less awe than their more exalted counterparts but affect us more frequently and ultimately more profoundly.

19.It can also change for less exalted reasons: when, for example, instead of sealing yourself in the personal microclimate of an automobile, you use a bicycle to get around.

20.Installed at Japan Society next to Korin’s “Rough Waves,” on loan from the Met, it’s the high point of two exhibitions that are already at an exalted level.



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