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  • n. 恶化;激怒;增剧




exacerbate 使加剧;使恶化;激怒


  • n.
    • action that makes a problem or a disease (or its symptoms) worse
    • violent and bitter exasperation


  • n. 恶化;激怒;增剧
  • deterioration, wrath


borrowed from Latin exacerbātus, past participle of exacerbāre "to irritate, exasperate, make worse," from ex- ex- >entry 1 + acerbāre "to make bitter, make worse," verbal derivative of acerbus "acid, bitter, bitterly hostile, distressing" — more at acerb

The first known use of exacerbate was in 1660

exacerbation 例句

1.Objective to observe the effects of stone needle on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in acute exacerbation period (AECOPD).


2.“This suggests that although children and young adults with asthma may commonly experience exacerbation in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection, asthma exacerbation is not the primary determinant of more severe disease requiring hospitalization,” they wrote.

3.Accurate diagnosis and timely access to treatment can also reduce healthcare costs, which are driven up by emergency room visits and hospital stays, especially during exacerbations.

4.So in some sense Trump is an exacerbation of previous tendencies that were obviously there.

5.“We don’t want these patients exposed outside because just one minute of exposure to the smoke can trigger an exacerbation of their chronic disease,” Madhani-Lovely said.

6.Firefighters extinguished the fire and kept it from spreading to other apartments, but five people were taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation or the exacerbation of their medical conditions, Helphrey said.

7.Conclusion The continuous hemorrhage may lead to exacerbation of patient's condition and increase death rate.


8."Drowning contributes due to the likelihood of submersion into the pool as he lapsed into unconsciousness; coronary artery disease contributes due to exacerbation of ketamine induced myocardial effects on the heart."

9.The psychological and physical harms that such prolonged isolation can cause are legion, he added: depression, anxiety, heart disease, erosion of a sense of self and exacerbation of any existing mental illness, diabetes or hypertension.

10.The global rise in temperatures observed over decades is also occurring locally, she said, “and these frequently occurring heat waves, this upward trend in basin-wide average temperature, is contributing to ozone exacerbation.”

11.After delivery, no patient underwent the abnormal liver function or liver disease progression or exacerbation.


12.Another is the exacerbation of social tensions in what is a perilously unequal country.


13."Such statements are unacceptable under any circumstances. They inevitably lead to a sharp exacerbation of our bilateral ties."

14.He cautioned that the project will lead to an “exacerbation of climate change through reduction of carbon sinks as well as through release of carbon dioxide from the wetlands destruction.”

15.The proposed factory shutdown would only exacerbate our unemployment problems.

16.“You have a mix of climate change, poverty and aggressive urbanization, all contributing to the exacerbation of vibrio infections and an increase of other diseases like dengue, zika and parasitic infections.”

17.Bleeding may be heralded by several day of exacerbation of pain.


18.Objective: To investigate the effects of sodium ozagrel in the treatment of Cor Pulmonale in exacerbation period.


19.Conclusion: Furosemide given by inhalation can reduce the acute exacerbation of asthma.


20."Colin is quite typical of our patients, usually someone with breathlessness, heart failure, infections, exacerbations," she said.

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