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  • adj. 证据的


  • adj.
    • pertaining to or constituting evidence
    • serving as or based on evidence


The first known use of evidentiary was in 1780

evidentiary 例句

1.His attorneys and Clark County District Attorney David Roger say the 25-year-old Grammy nominee is due Feb. 4 to waive an evidentiary hearing so he can plead guilty in state court.

2.“The trial judge has a certain amount of discretion in allowing in evidence, and so evidentiary rulings are often not quite as fertile grounds for winning an appeal as strict issues of law,” Bader said.

3.He plunged into research, using his inside knowledge of court dockets and evidentiary records.

4.In densely documented book after book — packed with the bureaucratic memorandums that are the core of his evidentiary universe — he has sought “to discern the utilitarian goals behind the murder of the European Jews.”

5.But the defense is fighting the move, saying the information would be prejudicial and that the prosecution has not met the evidentiary threshold required to allow admission.


6.Hearing is the core system of the modern evidentiary procedure law, which is an important method for people to participate in administrative procedures.


7.The actor’s attorney Jeff Jacquet has said Short will contest the restraining order and it will require a lengthy evidentiary hearing.

8.Okun scheduled an evidentiary hearing to begin next Monday afternoon and continue through Thursday if necessary.

9.Today they are displayed: not the pain itself but the evidentiary bruise, each note an outline of the strike, a wet echo spreading, gas expanding from an extinguished star.

10.It was the only periodical granted pride of place that wasn't Ebony, Essence, Black Enterprise or Jet, and strictly it was an evidentiary detail in a wild tale.

11.Last November the Arkansas Supreme Court granted a new evidentiary hearing for the three men this December with a new judge and prosecutor.


12.“More importantly, I think it’s fair to say most controversies described using ‘-gate’ fall well short of the substantive importance or evidentiary basis of Watergate.”

13.Meanwhile, the object of the hunt sits squarely in the middle of the evidentiary trail, so obvious that it is ignored.

14.The film producer’s body parts have emerged as an evidentiary factor in the trial.

15.John D. Frumer, a lawyer for Mr. Thomas, said that his client “remains confident that when the full evidentiary record is developed it will demonstrate that the claims against him are baseless.”

16.Other evidentiary materials related to notarial affairs.


17.Chernoff argued that a full evidentiary hearing would be required before action was taken on the license issue.

18.Justice Stephanie Stacy wrote for the high court’s unanimous ruling Friday that “there is no merit to any of Boswell’s assigned errors regarding the trial court’s evidentiary rulings.”

19.They made the arguments on the first day of a series of evidentiary hearings here that are likely to have a strong impact on the shape of the long-anticipated trial.

20.“The accusations of the CBS so-called ‘experts’ lack substantial evidentiary support and contradict the factual conclusions reached by legitimate law enforcement authorities and experts familiar with the actual evidence developed in the case.



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