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  • adj.造成城形的;构造如城的;有城的



kae st leI tihd



constructed with turrets and battlements like a castle.The medieval fort had castellated walls.

having one or more castles.


"配有塔楼和城垛的",来自1670年代的中世纪拉丁语 castellatus,意为“像城堡一样建造”,过去分词形式为 castellare,意为“像城堡一样加固、建造、配有塔楼和城垛”,源自拉丁语 castellum,意为“城堡、堡垒、城郭”,参见 castle(n.)。相关词: Castellation。


Medieval Latin castellatus, past participle of castellare to fortify, from Latin castellum

The first known use of castellated was in 1679



the act of one that casts

something cast in a mold

cast entry 2 sense 9


to punish, scold, or criticize harshly


to punish, scold, or criticize harshly


to punish, scold, or criticize harshly


one of the classes into which the Hindu people of India were formerly divided

a division of society based upon differences of wealth, rank, or occupation

social rank : prestige

a specialized form of a social insect that carries out a particular purpose in the colony

the worker caste in a colony of honeybees


one that casts

or castor ˈkas-tər  a small container (as for salt) with a top having small holes

a small wheel that turns freely and is used for the support and movement of furniture


having battlements like a castle

castellated 例句

1.Yet soon the Persians descend on Egypt, with their castellated elephants and their immense hordes of fighting men.

2.These cliffs, which consist of horizontal limestone, resting on sandstone, frequently present prominent pinnacles, resembling ruinous castellated walls.

3.Uninteresting and tasteless as the latter is, it produces more effect by its solid mass and unbroken façade than Tudor gables or castellated towers.

4.In the town are two strong castellated towers of the 14th century, known as the Moot Hall and the Manor Office.

5.A square stone tower, three stories high, loomed up behind the pointed gables and balconied front, giving a castellated air to the whole building.

6.The park features the highest castellated rock mound in the world.

7.They were driving along a quiet road of decorous Georgian houses, at the end of which was a castellated gateway.

8.A castellated turret and scowling gargoyles mark the Long Island City Clock Tower as one of Queens’s most treasured landmarks.

9.As there is no criterion or standard about castellated member at home, study of the web stability of castellated beams under pure bending condition is carried out.


10.A drive or a walk of one mile brings you to sweet Kenoza Lake, with the castellated stone residence of Dr. J. R. Nichols crowning the summit of the high hill that overlooks it.

11.His first sight of Kardamyli is of an enchanting, castellated hamlet at the sea’s edge, where towers, turrets and cupolas rise above houses built of golden stone.

12.Castle Garden is a castellated structure, without turrets and battlements, built of hewn stone, and pierced with a row of port-holes.

13.The in-plane stability formula of the lattice beam-columns derived from the edge yield criteria also applies to the castellated beam-columns, and the results are conservative.


14.Take a detour to the castellated tower that you spy in the distance rising into the blue Tuscan sky.

15.We did not fail to admire the Knoll, a castellated seat of Sir Herbert Mackworth’s, occupying the summit of a hill at the termination of a noble lawn. 

16.The blue sea—and such a blue!—mirrors every cliff and crag and castellated height with the most minute distinctness.

17.The best method of locking is to use well-fitting split pins and castellated nuts.

18.On our right the bank lay low, and was fringed with willows, the country behind it being flattish, planted as it seemed to us with dead thorn-bushes, and dotted sparely with modern castellated houses.

19.Certain castellated fortresses still standing in England and Ireland come from the time of King John, and are excellent examples of the stability and forceful character of this form of architecture in the Thirteenth Century.

20.Along the heights, nestling in verdure, rise thickly scattered, castellated villas, looking, with their bright, white walls, like smiles on the face of the earth.



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