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ihg zaek tih tud


  • n. 正确,精确;严格,规规矩矩




exact 准确的,精密的;精确的


exact 勒索钱财


exact 要求;强求;急需


  • n.the quality of being exact



the quality or state of being exact


  • n. 正确,精确;严格,规规矩矩
  • validity, precision, right, rigidity


borrowed from French, from exact exact >entry 2 + -i- -i- + -tude -tude

The first known use of exactitude was in 1734

exactitude 例句

1.Megan’s rigor might sound like it comes from another solar system altogether, but listen closely, and you’ll hear that she’s highly fluent in Screw’s looseness, which gives her exactitude depth and meaning.

2.In “Martinete,” Ms. Tomás showed her choreographic exactitude as the three women, their feet on fire, drifted in and out of unison and canon.

3.If Mr. Rush’s interpretation of madness might be said to have been in Technicolor, Ms. Falco’s was in MRI shades of gray, an exercise in somber, clinical exactitude.

4.Staged with dazzling exactitude by Robert Wilson, the avant-garde sweetheart of the globe-spanning theater circuit, the show is scheduled to move on to festivals in Spoleto, Italy, and Epidaurus, Greece, this month.

5.Both sacrificed exactitude of pitch to expressiveness at times, though to generally good effect.

6.Mother's voice held a challenge of stubborn exactitude.


7.There were notable practitioners in the generation before him (Patrick Leigh Fermor, Jan Morris, Norman Lewis, and Ryszard Kapuściński spring to mind), but Raban’s brilliantly digressive, sometimes confessional style—with its descriptive exactitude and sardonic undertow—signaled new possibilities.

8.The violence, which is frequent and horrific, is described with a clinical exactitude that never flinches.

9.Yet just as much as in the darker pictures, a majority of these biblical portraits display an exactitude of characterization that belies the frisky, open brushwork Zurbarán favored.

10.The roughly 70 pages Ms. Seierstad devotes to it are harrowing in their forensic exactitude.

11.The first memoirist to lure me into her physical universe with that kind of exactitude may have been Maya Angelou in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

12.The others are studies of plants and trees rendered with a scientist’s eye for botanical exactitude and a poet’s feeling for nature’s plenitude.

13.But he has come to realize, he said in a recent interview, that the musical exactitude of his ballet choreography is rooted in his early tap training.

14.As one might expect, his performance had great brilliance and flair, and was played with the bravura exactitude that characterises his work with the Liverpool Philharmonic.

15.He demonstrates a casual, awe-inspiring ability to thump out a boogie-woogie left-hand at an impossibly fast 16 beats to the bar, and perhaps it inspires some of Soderbergh's own movie-making energy and exactitude.

16."Foster" is a thing of finely honed beauty and cumulative power, a story that deals in suggestion, exactitude and telling detail.

17.I loved their exactitude, which saved me from many a kitchen catastrophe.

18.The Troisgros kitchen combines the experimental exactitude of a laboratory with the creative spirit of an artist’s studio and the tensely expectant energy of the wings of a theatre, and Wiseman is alive to it all.

19.For every passage of lyricism that emerges from instrumental dialogue, there is a phrase with the uncanny exactitude of Messiaen: a piccolo call, an agitated piano flutter.

20.The results show that the process and parameters is exactitude and value in practice.




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