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e v keI shn [or] i vo keI shn


  • n. 招魂;唤起;唤出




  • n.
    • imaginative re-creation
    • calling up supposed supernatural forces by spells and incantations
    • stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors



having the power to evoke an especially emotional response

an evocative photograph


an act or instance of evoking



induction sense 3bspecifically: initiation of development of a primary embryonic axis


Latin evocation-, evocatio, from evocare

The first known use of evocation was in 1633

evocation 例句

1.It was, it seems, the wilful ugliness and lumpenness of Nijinsky's evocation of Russian prehistory that was really shocking to audiences – the "knock-kneed Lolitas" Stravinsky wrote of.

2.I'm still puzzling over its strange, unsettling conclusion, still delighted by its evocation of the Vancouver Island wilderness.

3.This precise evocation of a police state inevitably colours Kinnear's performance as Hamlet.

4.But the wars that rage across the wider country – there are graphic evocations of life in the trenches during the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign – signal the end of the Ottoman empire and momentous change.

5.The original television mini-series was already a wistful evocation of a disappearing San Francisco.

6.Indeed, Kaufman’s film remains perhaps the finest on-screen evocation of the peculiar pathology of the writer — unhappy when working, more unhappy when not.

7.Strangely — or perhaps not — there was no sense of incongruity between Ms. Beiser’s high-tech performance and the evocations of antiquity in the music and iconography.

8.It had no mark and had been given no period, but evocations of the imperial court stir up deep emotions among the new buyers from China.

9.This spring the New York Botanical Garden will mount “Impressionism: American Gardens on Canvas,” in which a show of painting and sculpture complements its evocations of the Impressionist garden.

10.But it will speak to fans of books like “Into the Wild”; it’s a worthy evocation of a similar kind of squirming wanderlust.

11.The only scenery is a large wooden tree – used more as a choreographic springboard than an evocation of landscape.

12.But, Burroughs aside, the tendency here has been towards a rather unadorned prose style; a kitchen sink, tell-it-how-it-is evocation of lives shattered by deviant practices.

13.That evocation settled the matter.


14.Mr. Prutsman’s music cleverly combines evocations of five-finger exercises and Alberti bass figures with hazy harmonies, hints of mellow jazz, a two-step stride and a nod to Debussy.

15.The house where the composer recently finished "Frank's House," a 10-minute musical evocation of the Gehry residence that the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra will premiere Feb. 5, is actually quite nice.

16.The show's highlight is an evocation of the Petit Trianon, the queen's "pleasure house" in the grounds of the royal palace at Versailles.


17.An arrestingly inventive four-part evocation of natural and urban vistas, the piece is full to bursting with raucous, scintillating and zany effects.

18.In fact, the evocation of that event comes at roughly a halfway point in the museum.

19.If this was an evocation of spring, it was no gentle pastoral, but a season of cracking ice, violent wind and burning sun.

20.This is such a vivid evocation of disappointment that it’s hard not to feel slightly disappointed when on the next page the story has moved on to another character.



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