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  • n.鲽科


plural noun

a family of flatfishes (order Heterosomata) that have the eyes on the right side, the dorsal fin extending well forward on the head, and the mouth terminal see flounder


New Latin, from Pleuronectes, type genus (from pleur- + -nectes) + -idae

Pleuronectidae 例句

1.In shallow seas such as the North Sea commercial beam and other trawls are now used as quantitative instruments in the estimation of the fish population, especially of the Pleuronectidae.

2.On the other hand, let us consider some of the diagnostic characters by which species and genera are distinguished in the Flat-fishes or Pleuronectidae.

3.Finally, the task was done, and I was again set upon alcoholic specimens—this time a remarkable lot of specimens representing, perhaps, twenty species of the side -swimmers or Pleuronectidae.

4.That the Pleuronectidae are admirably adapted by their flattened and asymmetrical structure for their habits of life, is manifest from several species, such as soles, flounders, etc., being extremely common.

5.There is, however, one scale-character among the Pleuronectidae which appears to stand in direct contradiction to the conclusions drawn by me concerning scales in general.

6.The abnormalities in Pleuronectidae to which I have referred are of the kind usually regarded as due to arrested development.

7.Reversed specimens occasionally occur in many species of Pleuronectidae, and if the determinants for a reversed head and a normal body were united in one zygote, the curious abnormality observed might be the result.



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