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美:[ ˌkæstəˈnets]


  • n.(用硬木或象牙制成的)响板


  • n.a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance


  • n. 响板
  • soundboard, clapper


Spanish castañeta, from castaña chestnut, from Latin castanea — more at chestnut

The first known use of castanet was circa 1647



a rhythm instrument that consists of two small ivory, wood, or plastic shells fastened together and attached to the thumb and clicked together by the fingers—usually used in plural

castanets 例句

1.Stargirl was doing her best imitation of a flamenco; the click of castanets came through the windowpane.

2.Finally, Heracles restored some castanets given to him by the goddess Athena.


3.Some Spanish dancers are performing. The ladies wear bright dresses and click castanets. Ck, ck, ck.


4.She did flamenco dancing, and we could hear her heels pounding on the ceiling and the distinct clicking of castanets.

5.The term ‘chaconne’ may come from the sound of the Mexican castanets used to accompany the dance.

6.There are all kinds of stylized Spanish dance here, some with castanets and some with fans.

7.It had songs driven by hand drum and castanets, with hearty refrains and percussive vocal improvisations, akin to qawwali music from neighboring Pakistan and just as ardent and propulsive.

8.And Jo shook the blue army sock till the needles rattled like castanets, and her ball bounded across the room.


9.Percussive footwork was multiplied in tight unison, groups moved in handsome lines and circles, castanets trilled and soloists broke out in displays of expertise.

10.He cleared the crud from his vision just in time to see the boy run off, the rattraps clattering like castanets on the toes of his shoes.

11.There’s a percussion number with stirrers and glasses, and tongs used as castanets.

12.The first movement of Debussy’s “Ibéria” featured castanets and some Spanish flavor, with the mood remaining on the sedate side throughout the first half.

13.She imagined a Latino park full of haciendas and adobes, guitars and castanets.


14.Six señoritas in long, fitted dresses with flaring skirts and castanets in their hands flounced onto the stage.

15.A clinking soundscape, like the product of faulty castanets, arose from the act of stirring, along with a slow, writhing dance.

16.The percussion section bangs on a riot of carbon: ash drumsticks and calfskin drum heads, teak xylophones and ebony piano keys, castanets and tambourines, woodblocks and claves, maracas and marimbas, conga drums and bongo drums.

17.One evening we came upon a costumed crowd: women with castanets wore 19th-century dresses with white, billowing shirts and long, wide skirts; the men wore knickers.

18.But in other songs, a band member picked up krakebs — large iron castanets — and the beat turned to the triplets of traditional Gnawa music, returning to North Africa.

19.All castanets and flamenco skirts, this is a big, ballsy cabaret number about love driving you crazy.

20.Rachel Peacock said it "brought a lump to my throat" when the castanets were put in Sara's hand and she started playing them along to the flamenco music.



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