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dih spaech


  • v. 派遣;发送;迅速处理;杀死;匆匆吃下,匆匆离开(等于 dispatch)
  • n. 派遣;发送;急件;报道;杀死(等于 dispatch)




despatcher 调度员;调度程序;油品分输器;调度程序分配器


  • n.
    • an official report (usually sent in haste)
    • the property of being prompt and efficient
    • killing a person or animal
    • the act of sending off something
  • v.send away towards a designated goal



a bold or reckless criminal



  • vt. 派遣;发送;匆匆吃下
  • mission, beam

  • vi. 匆匆离开
  • hurry away, vamoose

  • n. 派遣;发送(等于dispatch)
  • sending, dispatch

despatch 例句

1.Photographer: Colin Hutton/BBC It wasn't just builders who descended on east London when the capital was awarded the Olympics: a team of archaeologists was also despatched to explore the area.

2.Many of the Storm V troops are trained at a range for as little as 10 days before being despatched.

3.He said in addition to "providing proof that goods are not of Russian origin, importers must now include the country of last despatch to ensure oil from Russia is not being diverted through other countries".

4.“The post-office is a wonderful establishment!” said she.—“The regularity and despatch of it! If one thinks of all that it has to do, and all that it does so well, it is really astonishing!”

5.Similar problems beset the second half, with a group of Mazurkas pallidly despatched and a trawl through the great B flat minor sonata that was only sporadically interesting.

6.A patrol boat was despatched, but it arrived 10 hours after the migrants' dinghy was first spotted by a Spanish rescue plane.

7.We despatch goods daily to various parts of the world, so we are quite accustom to packing for foreign destination.


8.Biden also despatched his top diplomat Antony Blinken to Israel, who will deliver "a message of solidarity and support," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said.

9.No comparisons were provided as the central bank ordered banks to limit disclosures last year in the wake of Moscow despatching troops to Ukraine.

10.It was despatched from Earth on 14 February and was captured into orbit around the Moon on Wednesday this week.

11.In a cupboard at home recently I found a dusty folder with copies of my Russia despatches from more than 20 years ago: the early Putin years.

12.The 100-year-old from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, was a wartime despatch rider who worked in the London area and also across France, The Netherlands and eventually Berlin.

13.But trading in Ozon's securities on Nasdaq was suspended soon after Russia despatched troops to Ukraine in February 2022, as were listings of Russian companies on the London Stock Exchange.

14.He rushed the despatch through to headquarters.


15.Biden despatched his top diplomat, Antony Blinken, to the Middle East to show Washington's enduring support for Israel, seek to secure the release of captives, including Americans, and prevent a wider war from erupting.

16.Mark: Hello, can I speak to despatch, please?


17.At a previous launch at Ferguson's in 2005 the bottle failed to smash - so was despatched with the aid of a sledgehammer.

18.Three hours after the call began, an ambulance was finally despatched to rescue Hind.

19."Jean-Luc Godard has something to do with the story of this house," Solal says, with a boyish grin, worldly and self-deprecating at the same time, that despatches his 82 years in an instant.

20.All orders, including your own, have already been made up and are now awaiting despatch.




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