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  • v. 瞥一眼;浏览;斜击某物后斜弹开来;(尤指光反射后)闪光;轻擦;朝(投手)斜击一球(glance 的现在分词)
  • adj. 斜擦而过的,斜击的


  • n.a quick look
  • v.
    • throw a glance at; take a brief look at
    • rebound after hitting


glancing blow侧击

glancing incidence掠入射;切线入射


  • adj. 斜的;附带的;粗略的
  • rough, incident

  • v. 扫视;一瞥;闪耀(glance的现在分词)
  • sparkling


see glance >entry 1

The first known use of glancing was circa 1541

glancing 例句

1.“Your appetite’s been touched like by your accident,” said the landlord, glancing at the bandaged arm under my coat.

2.Ibekie had already reversed and kept glancing at the rearview mirror.

3.She made the mistake of glancing over the rail and saw armed legionnaires closing ranks in the forum, preparing flaming arrows.

4.“Hey, don’t knock it,” his grandfather said, grinning and glancing at him.

5.“Wow,” Clarissa said, gazing at the paper, then glancing back at me.

6.“Okay,” he said, glancing down at his phone.

7.“Shuttup,” Bud snapped, glancing up fleetingly at the agent, but immediately dropping his eyes again.

8.She sat and wrapped her arms around herself until the shaking stopped, glancing fearfully at the red horizon every few seconds.

9.“Then tell him to come outside and meet us,” says Kaori, glancing over my shoulder.

10.Carlos stood alone inside the circle in the dirt, looking at the can and glancing at us once in a while.

11.Then, glancing defiantly from one hostile face to another, Kit found a small measure of comfort.

12.Mama kept glancing at Mary Toy and finally dabbed at her face with a lace handkerchief.

13.“Kaede,” he said, glancing perfunctorily at his daughter, “the prince and I have business to attend to. You may leave us.”

14.She pauses a beat, glancing at a guard as he passes by us.

15.She kept glancing up at me, her eyes widening as if to say, Well?

16.He pockets the chalk and walks past me without glancing in my direction.

17.“Looks pretty bad,” David said, glancing over Tally’s shoulder as she stared at them in amazement.

18.Le Bateleur floats to the top as she shuffles, and she frowns at the card before glancing around the café.

19.The people kept glancing at me from the side, trying to view the Marked Girl who had brought them the rains.

20.Then one morning she was there, glancing about, and she looked straight up at this window.

glancing 短语相关

glancing blow



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