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  • n.波兰(欧洲国名)



po lnd


geographical name

country in east central Europe bordering on the Baltic Sea; in the medieval period a kingdom, at one time extending to the lower Dnieper; partitioned 1772, 1793, and 1795 among Russia, Prussia, and Austria; again a kingdom 1815–30; lost autonomy 1830–1918; since 1918 a republic; capital Warsaw area 120,728 square miles (312,685 square kilometers), population 38,421,000


1560年代,来自 Pole 和 land(n.)。相关词汇: Polander。



Poland 例句

1.By the summer of 1940, Belgium and Poland had fallen to the Germans.

2.When the German army invaded and conquered Poland in September 1939, more than three million additional Jews came under Nazi control.

3.There are whispers about terrible things happening in Poland, about low-flying planes that shoot women and children, about German soldiers who machine-gun Poles and Jews over mass graves.

4.Roza grew up in Poland in a town so small it had no name.

5.They reasoned that eastern Poland, closer to the Soviets, would be safer than the west, with its proximity to Germany.

6.It’s being said in underground circles that the German Jews who immigrated to Holland before: the war and have now been sent to Poland shouldn’t be allowed to return here.

7.They also agreed to divide Poland and the Baltic nations between them.

8.Many of the newer immigrants from eastern European countries like Poland and Lithuania were relegated to the ramshackle houses just west of the Union Stock Yard in the neighborhood aptly called Back of the Yards.

9.He may have been unable to return home to Poland to die, but his heart had never left it.

10.A slave laborer from Poland had done the stamping.

11.“It’s quite a language. Yiddish is a lot like it. Yiddish was originally Middle German. When the German Jews came into Poland, they brought it with them.”

12.No man can say that the Government could have done more to try to keep open the way for an honorable and equitable settlement of the dispute between Germany and Poland.

13.As 1940 ends, more British bombs have fallen over Hamburg, but the Nazis have overrun Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

14.Bordered to the north by Lithuania and to the south by Poland, it was a land of deep lakes and dark forests.

15.Volkheimer says, “I was with him at school, then out in the field. We were in Russia. Also Poland, Ukraine, Austria. Then France.”

16.The victorious Nazis began to make Poland as German as possible.

17.The Germans are upset at stories that Czechs and Poles are abusing ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia and Poland.

18.It was Rabbi Eliahu, who had headed a small congregation in Poland.

19.“No. Comparative politics. You can't do just Africa in political science graduate programs in this country. You can compare Africa to Poland or Israel but focusing on Africa itself? They don't let you do that.”

20.The police are too busy arresting Polish Jews living in Germany, cramming them into trains, shipping them back to Poland.



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