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dih zuhrt spun


  • n. 甜点匙,糕点匙





a spoon that is between a tablespoon and a teaspoon in size and is used for eating dessert.

in the UK, a unit of capacity equal to two teaspoons or 7.1033 millilitres, used in cooking.


The first known use of dessertspoon was in 1754

dessertspoon 例句

1.New Zealand's Harold Nelson had been advised not to drink 24 hours before the race, and to eat a dessertspoon of honey in order to soak up all the liquid in his stomach.

2.Now pound this in a stone-made mortar to a smooth powder, and bottle it, well corked, and use for Brown Curries, a dessertspoon to a pound, with sliced onions, milk or gravy, and lemon juice.

3.Shape like eggs, with two dessertspoons and a knife dipped in hot water.

4.If you wish to color it, you can put in a dessertspoon of burnt sugar.

5.To a medium sized pumpkin put one ounce cloves and about a dessertspoon of ginger or as much as will taste; let it boil until the pumpkin is quite soft.

6.When a thicker soup is desired 1 dessertspoon of cornstarch, flour, or a mashed potato should be blended with little milk or stock, and added to soup a few minutes before serving.

7.When serving, mix a dessertspoon of flour in two tablespoons of cream in a tea cup, then add this into the moley and stir well; let simmer for two or three minutes.

8.Shape the mixture somewhat like eggs with dessertspoons and a knife dipped in hot water.

9.Add a dessertspoon of butter and salt to taste.

10.One cup brown sugar, one ounce of butter, and dessertspoon cornstarch, stirred till brown, add boiling water and one wine glass of brandy.

11.Fry the mushrooms in a dessertspoon of butter, and add to the Curry sauce; let it simmer gently for five minutes, then serve on hot toast.

12.Allow 1 level dessertspoon cornflour to 1/2 pint milk.

13.Put rose water and sugar on top of each cake, after they are dropped with a dessertspoon on the pans.

14.Two dessertspoons marmalade, two cups bread crumbs, butter size of two walnuts, one half pint of milk, two eggs, two ounces of sugar.

15.Now fry the other onion in the dessertspoon of butter in another stew-pan.

16.Proceed as in recipe for Savoury Omelet, but substitute a dessertspoon castor sugar for the onion and parsley.

17.Make a sauce of one tablespoonful butter, one dessertspoon of flour, half pint milk, one teaspoonful of mustard.

18.When serving, add a quarter pint of milk and a dessertspoon or more of cream, and let it simmer.



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