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  • adj.可变现的


noun (1)

ready money

money or its equivalent (such as a check) paid for goods or services at the time of purchase or delivery


being a method of accounting that includes as income only what has been received and as expenses only those paid compare accrual


transitive verb

to pay or obtain cash for

cash a check

to lead and win a bridge trick with (a card that is the highest remaining card of its suit)

noun (2)

any of various coins of small value in China and southern Indiaespecially: a Chinese coin with a square hole in the center

a unit of value equivalent to one cash


Noun (1) modification of Middle French or Old Italian; Middle French casse money box, from Old Italian cassa, from Latin capsa chest — more at case Noun (2) Portuguese caixa, from Tamil kācu, a small copper coin, from Sanskrit karṣa, a weight of gold or silver

The first known use of cash was in 1593


cash1 of 2noun

money in the form of coins or bills

money or its equivalent (as a check) paid for goods at the time of purchase or delivery

cash2 of 2verb

to pay or obtain cash for

cash a check

cashable 例句

1.Checks are not cashable and must be deposited.


2.Insured value means the value of Money cashable at domestic legally-established banking institutions at the time of loss.


3.Your banking institution must ensure that the cheque is drawn on a Canadian bank and is cashable at no charge by our office.


4.Cashable promotional and non-cashable promotional funds transfer capabilities support sophisticated casino promotions and player loyalty rewards.


5.Lawmakers several years ago voted to end a program that provided cashable credits to small oil producers and explorers, saying it was no longer affordable.

6.Liverpool, Manchester or Brighton's leaders will extol what art does for their cities, in the cashable and the ineffable.

7.That investment would be every bit as cashable for the future as roads or railways, since the great social debt now accumulating will be more burdensome for future generations than mere financial debt.

8."One suspects that blacks who lost jobs in the recession, or who have tried to help family members or relatives who did, have now spent whatever savings or other cashable assets they had."

9.Some "cashable efficiencies" might be found by selling off some police estate and "changing how we deliver a service to some of our public", he said.

10.The Basel committee, established in 1974, proposed its first liquidity standard, which would require banks to hold enough cash or easily cashable assets to meet their liabilities for up to a year.

11.went to the ATM to get more cash

12.The store wouldn't cash the check.

13.He cashed his paycheck at the bank.

14.The two reportedly met up twice, and Shepard paid the girl with cash and the hallucinogen LSD, according to police.

15.The New Jersey Democratic senator is accused of accepting cash, gold bars, luxury wristwatches and other perks from New Jersey businessmen in exchange for official favors to benefit the businessmen and the governments of Egypt and Qatar.

cashable 同义词相关

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long green [slang]

cashable 短语相关

cash in on

cash machine

hard cash

cash desk

actual cash value

petty cash



cash register

cash card



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