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  • adj. 夸张的,夸大的,言过其实的;(声音或动作)强调的,夸张的,引人注目的
  • v. 夸张,夸大(exaggerate 的过去式)


exaggeratedly (adv.)




exaggeratedly 夸张地


exaggeration 夸张;夸大之词;夸张的手法


exaggerate 夸大;夸张


exaggerate 使扩大;使增大



excessively or inappropriately heightened, inflated, or overstated a wildly exaggerated story As students go from one disconnected course to the next, they tend to form a highly exaggerated idea of the differences between teachers and subjects.—Gerald Graff

exaggerated fears

enlarged or increased beyond the normal : greater than normal

… many people have an unusual or exaggerated response to a drug, but they are not necessarily allergic to the drug.—Paul D. Buisseret


  • adj. 夸张的,言过其实的
  • melodramatic, turgescent


from past participle of exaggerate

The first known use of exaggerated was circa 1632

exaggerated 例句

1.Others had a kernel of truth, misunderstood or exaggerated by the explorers or their informants.

2."So this blast of high-energy particles cuts through the exaggerated electrical field caused by the faulty blanket controller, and bingo! No more Bobby!"

3.Whether the ranks of antis were exaggerated or not, it was clear that the time had not yet come for suffrage.

4.In another window, the museum arranged a harbor scene, where white colonists dressed like Mohawk Indians hurled crates of tea over the side of the ship with exaggerated glee.

5.The fact is incredibly exaggerated.


6.Perhaps a Shao Lin priest could have anticipated some of the more exaggerated movements, but these men were hardly trained adversaries.

7.The Rambler pulled in front of him and a small-boned boy leaped out of the car and walked back toward Ben with a ludicrously exaggerated swagger.

8.He kept exaggerated tallies of Charles’s cocktail consumption.

9.Hudson’s was harsher and always sounded exaggerated, even when it was real.

10.“Well, that should be perfectly obvious,” Ida answered with exaggerated patience.

11.Bruce pronounced every word with exaggerated diction and spite.

12.“Oh, Lou,” Mom says with an exaggerated groan, and we laugh.

13.Wes was senseless with anger, but Mary just coolly looked at him, eyes opened in an expression of exaggerated innocence.

14.Their next form of torment was to repeat whatever Julian said in an exaggerated imitation of his accent.

15.He used the smallest possible circumference of the Earth and the greatest eastward extension of Asia he could find in all the books available to him, and then exaggerated even those.

16.The films often had the opposite effect: Despite the mountains of evidence, many Hitler Youth told themselves that the films were exaggerated, if not invented by the Allies as propaganda intended to defame the Nazis.

17.I’m just going to point out that, for the first time in his life, Jack had not exaggerated.

18.At times I thought that some of the stories the passersby told were exaggerated.

19.The matter is much exaggerated.


20.Maniago lied and exaggerated his claims to boost their confidence.




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