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  • adj. 指定的,预定的;前往的,被送往的;(命中)注定的,肯定的




destiny 命运,定数,天命


destine 注定;命定;预定



transitive verb

to decree beforehand : predetermine

was not destined to attain the throne

to designate, assign, or dedicate in advance destined to succeed a flaw that destines them to fail

believed their son was destined for the priesthood

to direct, devise, or set apart for a specific purpose or place

freight destined for European ports



capable of being destroyed


capable of being destroyed


the deliberate destruction of a rocket after launching


one that destroys

a small fast warship armed with guns, depth charges, torpedoes, and often guided missiles


to put an end to : do away with : ruin

kill entry 1 sense 1, slaughter


lacking something needed or desirable

destitute of the necessities of life

extremely poor : suffering great want


something to which a person or thing is destined : fortune

the course of events held to be arranged by a superhuman power


to settle in advance

a plan destined to fail

to choose, assign, or dedicate in advance

destined their child for the study of law

to be bound or directed

a ship destined for New York


destined for驶往;去往


  • adj. 注定的;命定的;去往…的
  • doomed, predestined


Middle English, from Anglo-French destiner, from Latin destinare, from de- + -stinare (akin to Latin stare to stand) — more at stand

The first known use of destine was in the 14th century

destined 例句

1.Today, because this is America and you are not destined to remain in the class into which you were born, I live in a house with four bathrooms, and there is always enough hot water.

2.She knew she was destined for a great future.


3.In her holds were twenty perfumed boys and four score girls destined for the pleasure houses of Lys.

4.Are you destined to break up?


5.Too often men stood hollow-eyed and women wept in doorways as Roger loaded onto a truck the last of their possessions, destined not for another home but for an auction house.

6.The timing’s so perfect that it seems like I was destined to grab my Stevie books, sneak next door, and ride to the book signing with them.

7.We were destined to live on unhallowed ground, beyond the gated city of God.

8.But the sand reckoner was destined to meet his fate while reckoning in the sand.

9.Here’s a question I still can’t answer: Did I see through the male tricks because I was destined to scheme that way myself?

10.Mary Blumer—or Molly, as she was known—was an attractive teenager and a brilliant student destined to lead her class at Vassar College and obtain a place at Harvard Medical School.

11.One turkey was destined for our table, one was for the hired help, and one was for the poor at the other end of town.

12.Those books were destined for her.


13.But by the 1800s, the Mona Lisa was seemingly destined to be just another extraordinary Renaissance painting in a museum of extraordinary Renaissance paintings.

14.For that city, and the name it was destined to carry, symbolized the conspiracy that threatened, so Jefferson and his followers thought, all that Virginia stood for.

15.He scanned the compound of the Glade, this new place of nightmares where he seemed destined to live.

16.At last Aeneas was told in a dream that the place destined for them was a country far away to the west, Italy—in those days called Hesperia, the Western Country.

17.We built pyramids of things that could be saved or salvaged and pyramids of things destined for the Dumpster.

18.He wanted them to know both sides of their history and become the fully rounded human beings they were destined to be.

19.They seemed destined for each other.


20."I would fain know if I am destined for so glorious a career," cried the Tree, rejoicing.




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