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  • n. 一种直升机;(英)银行自动直接转帐
  • n. (Giro)人名;(英、法、俄、意、所)吉罗




  • n.
    • a check given by the British government to someone who is unemployed; it can be cashed either at a bank or at the post office
    • a British financial system in which a bank or a post office transfers money from one account to another when they receive authorization to do so


German, circulation (of currency), from Italian, from Latin gyrus gyre

The first known use of giro was in 1890

giro 例句

1.The one or two establishments which come next as we continue our giro are full of little marble "Leaning Towers" and other souvenirs which the tourist delights in.

2.You can pay the electricity bill by bank giro.


3.The Tour of Italy, or Giro d'Italia, is one of the three most important cycle races.


4.We fled from Fano after three days, and finding ourselves cheated out of our dream of summer coolness, resolved on substituting for it what the Italians call "un bel giro".

5.This is the most popular kind of account in a bank. Funds are paid in by the customer, who may also ask his employer to pay his wages or salary direct into the account by means of a bank giro credit.


6.It is easy for families to run out of money before the weekly giro arrives.


7.Left Rome at nine o’clock this morning; at Albano procured an ancient rural cicerone, a boy, and two donkeys, and set out on the grand giro of the place.

8.She didn't know how she would manage until she got her next giro.


9.A quarter of a million benefit recipients, including pensioners and those on disability allowances, will have to cash in their giro cheques at off-licences and petrol stations under government plans.

10.So, it is only a "piccolo giro" they are gone to make along the lake, and come back again, to dinner.

11.In the middle of June she marshalled her party for a little Canadian giro.

12.Money has been credited to your account by bank giro.


13.This is as it should be, as it is mainly in the matter of long-distance transfers that the giro system has the advantage over the method of payment by check.

14.Yesterday morning Morier, St. John, Lady Isabella, and I went to Pozzuoli, embarked in a wretched boat to make the giro of Bai�.

15.Mario Giro, a Sant'Egidio official, says it is now doing mediation work in “Darfur, Ivory Coast, north Uganda and two other places outside Africa I cannot name”.


16.This tradition is unique to Venice — no cars means easy crawling — where it’s known as a “giro d’ombra.”

17.It also operated as a giro bank and it stayed in business for 400 years.


18.These banks of issue have never had any great importance as regards the giro business, and even at the present day the volume of their transactions is relatively insignificant.

19."We were going out on the streets to make a living really, just to top up our giro and earn enough for a few pints in the evenings."

20."No, you don't understand, I had to wait for the post office to open so I could cash my giro and buy these boots," said the young hopeful, pulling the box out of his bag.



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