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dih tek shn


  • n. 察觉,发现;侦破(案件)






detective 侦探的

detectable 可检测的;可发觉的


detective 侦探

detector 检测器;发现者;侦察器


detect 察觉;发现;探测


  • n.
    • the perception that something has occurred or some state exists
    • the act of detecting something; catching sight of something
    • the detection that a signal is being received
    • a police investigation to determine the perpetrator


detection system检测系统;探测系统

edge detection边缘检测

fault detection故障检测;探伤

early detection早期发现;早期检测

intrusion detection system入侵侦测系统

target detection目标检测;目标探测;目标觉察

signal detection信号检测

detection rate[法]破案率

automatic detection自动检测

collision detection[计]碰撞检测;[计]冲突检出

detection limit探测范围;检测极限

leak detection检漏;密闭性检查

fire detection火灾探测;火警探测;火警侦察器

flaw detection探伤检验;缺陷检验

error detection错误检测;误差检测

detection circuit探测电路,传感电路,检测电路;检波器

detection probability探测概率;发现概率

object detection对象检测,目标检测

detection sensitivity检测灵敏度

failure detection故障检测,故障探测


  • n. 侦查,探测;发觉,发现;察觉
  • exploration, discovery, occurrence, find


The first known use of detection was in the 15th century

detection 例句

1.While they were originally popular with hunters who would use them to track down felled birds, they're also popular amongst drug and bomb detection units.

2.It was on Snowdrop’s advice, too, that Woundwort at length ordered that the warren was not to extend further, on account of the risk of detection and the weakening of central control.

3.Plus a German shepherd and his handler who together, we're told, are "writing a new chapter in the book of pet detection".

4.Like many golf courses, Tanglewood has a lightning detection system, and he said he consults a meteorologist in Albany when the skies darken.

5.For security reasons, Medros said, he couldn’t describe the company’s anti-fraud detection program in detail, but he did say they use 5o or so filters and algorithms to pick up on “behavior that looks different.”

6.Gen. James Longstreet, who was vilified in the Confederacy partly because of his decision on July 2 to take his troops on a long countermarch to avoid detection rather than attack Little Round Top directly.

7.Others who enter without detection and remain unaccompanied when they arrive in the U.S. are financially independent and may never gain access to formal resettlement services.

8.Yet reality is far more complicated than a jaunty ribbon on a lapel or the hopeful promise of “early detection.”

9.InsideClimate News has reported that Keystone XL’s leak detection system will rarely detect leaks of less than 1 percent of pipeline flow.

10.“Bypassing audio” refers to a technique where people distort or disguise an audio file so it slips through the detection systems meant to filter out offensive language and copyrighted tracks.

11.Also known as human remains detection dogs, they have been trained to smell death.

12.It's all about early detection, so we have to start getting educated because there is a 95 percent survival rate if caught early.

13.my detection of the scent of baked apple pie led me to the kitchen

14.This has to be done quickly, what I’m after now, he realized; he hurried down the hall and all at once his detection gear registered the presence of cephalic activity.

15.I don’t think I can burrow under the fence without risking detection, and the ground’s frozen hard, anyway.

16.“Early detection of breast cancer can save your life. Don’t ignore it, face it,” 46-year-old Elissa wrote at the end of her video ‘To all who love me’, released on Tuesday.

17.When it all goes wrong and the three scatter to avoid detection, the film hits its stride.

18.Pressed against the back of her top-level bunk to avoid detection, Elias heard the terrified screams of her fellow prisoners.

19.The center’s graduates have gone on to work in a variety of fields, including narcotics detection, urban search and rescue, explosives detection and diabetes detection.

20.Trent Bolger was not particularly creative, but he was thorough, and subtle enough to evade detection by the enforcers of Chapel Hill High School’s Zero Tolerance Policy toward racial and ethnic slurs.

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