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  • n. 沮丧;悲观;失望(等于 despondency)




despondent 沮丧的;失望的


despondently 意志消沉地;沮丧地


despondency 泄气;意气消沉

despond 失去勇气;失望


despond 失去勇气;沮丧


  • n.feeling downcast and disheartened and hopeless


  • n. 沮丧;悲观;失望(等于despondency)
  • depression, disappointment, sell


The first known use of despondence was in 1657

despondence 例句

1.The monotonous therapy sessions, the periods of despondence and frustration, Ethier endured in the unlikely chance he could live the night he lived Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

2.She took things as they came and, being essentially a woman of action, wasted almost as little time in elation as she would have done in despondence. 

3.the ability to endure defeat without despondence has allowed him to weather the ups and downs of an acting career

4.Emitting a combination of anger, frustration, and despondence, the University of Utah’s fifth-year junior quarterback was 15 minutes removed from throwing a back-breaking interception in the end zone that helped seal a 29-26 University of Florida win at The Swamp.

5.Personally, I think this will drive our species to robotic despondence in a few short decades, but that’s another story.

6.The song, like the rest of the EP, hangs in the murky space between despondence and some form of joyous liberation.

7.Respondents expressed a mix of confusion, regret, and despondence about their current circumstances.

8.The climax of playwright Anton Chekhov’s modern-realist masterpiece, “Uncle Vanya,” occurs when the titular character, in a fit of despondence, pulls a pistol on his idol.

9.But that brief life of love! though whole ages may roll O'er my heart in despondence—'tis fresh in my soul.

10.The memo suggests the use of psychiatrists and sociologists to measure the "relative happiness" of workers or their "despondence and grumpiness" as a way to assess their trustworthiness.


11.In that instant, a new sense of doom and despondence engulfed me.

12.Baade, who remembers his own father’s despondence when the Braves left town, doesn’t outright dismiss the idea that the Brewers could leave, agreeing that a smaller-market team is at a disadvantage.

13.So the despondence is irrelevant so long as nothing’s really changed?

14.Traditionally, periods of despondence and upheaval have led to a renewal of faith in political remedies: the New Deal, the Civil Rights movement, LBJ’s Great Society programs.

15.Yet we see in her not a moment's hesitation, we hear from her no expression of doubt or the least despondence.

16.The bottomless pit of despondence that generally provides his subject matter has been supplanted by, well, not joy, exactly, but a recognition that life doesn't always suck.

17.I had gone abroad in despondence, I returned home almost in desperation.

18.I put my life at hazard there, which some might account valor; but I knew it for the rashness of despair, the precipitation of utter despondence.

19.Chiwenga said “instability” in the ruling party had caused “distress, trepidation and despondence.”

20.her slumping posture betrayed a growing despondence



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