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de stih tut


  • adj. 穷困的;无的;缺乏的
  • n. 赤贫者
  • vt. 使穷困;夺去


比较级:more destitute

最高级:most destitute




destitution 穷困;缺乏



having no money or other means of living; impoverished.The closing of the factory left many families destitute.

having none of a specified thing or quality (often fol. by "of").Having borrowed from everyone, he was now destitute of friends.Destitute of pride, she begged on the streets.



capable of being destroyed


capable of being destroyed


the deliberate destruction of a rocket after launching


one that destroys

a small fast warship armed with guns, depth charges, torpedoes, and often guided missiles


to put an end to : do away with : ruin

kill entry 1 sense 1, slaughter


lacking something needed or desirable

destitute of the necessities of life

extremely poor : suffering great want


destitute of剥夺


  • adj. 穷困的;无的;缺乏的
  • lacking, impoverished

  • vt. 使穷困;夺去
  • carry off, take sth off


Middle English, from Latin destitutus, past participle of destituere to abandon, deprive, from de- + statuere to set up — more at statute

The first known use of destitute was in the 14th century

destitute 例句

1.A judge said their conduct left former clients destitute and homeless.

2.Conveniently, Mrs. Brenner had omitted that by the time I was twelve, we were left destitute.

3.He eventually had to sign a pauper's oath, a sworn statement declaring he was essentially destitute, in order to gain resources to feed his family.

4.Erasmus and his circle debated the Poor Laws, which were shunting the destitute into workhouses; they discussed the need for social reform.

5.The Fowls were not left destitute, far from it.

6.They could not conceive of a democratic republic in which the majority was not independent farmers, because the wage-earning working class of their day was destitute and miserable.

7.Many of the sailors who had fought for their countries during wartime were left destitute in peacetime, and working seamen were so badly treated that mutinies were commonplace.

8.For him, the presence of destitute or mentally ill visitors is a feature, not a bug, of libraries, because it requires people to confront radical differences in a shared space.

9.“They were worried I would end up destitute,” Lam says.

10.When he died, his family was left completely destitute.


11.She moved to Kolkata, then called Calcutta, in India in 1929 and established her mission in 1950, working to help the destitute.

12.A photographic journey through economic decline moves from Walker Evans's depression-era photos to VanDerBeek's own images of the city's destitute industrial spaces.

13.“I wouldn’t say I’m upbeat but I have to see the bigger picture here. We’ve been through a lot worse, and we’re not destitute.”

14.Two centuries ago this neglected London edifice was a workhouse, where the city's destitute labored for rations of gruel.

15.Growing up in a musical family, if a destitute one, Hans played at least four instruments.

16.The snow never stops falling, and the town in which Richard and Lesley may soon find themselves destitute is a place that time seems to have left behind.

17.I found that when I was destitute, I couldn't plan my life.

18.His book is filled with harrowing stories in which the destitute and desperate end up sacrificing their bodies for the sake of a few dollars that fail to change their lives.

19.Ms. Harms represents the destruction of culture Strauss lamented by having creditors of Danae’s destitute father, King Pollux, cart off his paintings and statues, while he clutches an orchestral score.

20.Will she love you if she opens your banking app and realises that you’re destitute?

destitute 短语相关

the destitute



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