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  • n.女像柱



a draped female figure supporting an entablature


Latin caryatides, plural, from Greek karyatides priestesses of Artemis at Caryae, caryatids, from Karyai Caryae in Laconia

The first known use of caryatid was in 1563


cascade1 of 2noun

a steep usually small waterfall

cascade2 of 2verb

to fall in or as if in a cascade

cascade1 of 2noun

a steep usually small waterfall

cascade2 of 2verb

to fall in or as if in a cascade


any of several muskmelons that have a usually yellow rind and sweet flesh and keep well


a sculptured figure of a woman in flowing robes used as a column in architecture

caryatides 例句

1.The Greek key patterns inscribed on the floors of tenement bathrooms are repurposed as part of an architectural frieze, and Woodman’s friends—Rankin among them—are transformed into towering caryatids.

2.Sometimes a caryatid has been compared to the unseen slave who carried society’s burdens.

3.Its tiered, warm bronze facade, whose color shifts with the sun, riffs on Yoruba caryatids and ironwork designs by a former South Carolina slave, playing off a phalanx of white marble mausoleums lining the National Mall.

4.This living room, with its heavy red curtains and giant caryatids framing the chimney, was one of several that was ultimately scrapped.

5.The caryatid, which first came about in ancient Greece, is a carving of a standing woman used as a column to support an architectural structure.

6.Her inaugural works for the Met’s façade—a set of four female bronze caryatids, larger than life and stylized in the tradition of high-ranking African women—challenge the institution’s own history of Eurocentrism and patriarchy.

7.As the centuries went on, caryatids took on different postures and expressions in religious buildings and other facades.

8.Mutu’s are no ordinary caryatids, and herein lies the source of her feminist intervention.



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