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de stih tu shn


  • n. 穷困;缺乏




destitute 穷困的;无的;缺乏的


destitute 赤贫者


destitute 使穷困;夺去



utter poverty, or the extreme want of the necessities of life.With no father and an invalid mother, the children lived in destitution.

a lack or deficiency of something.


  • n. 穷困;缺乏
  • shortage, deficiency, need, short of, drought


The first known use of destitution was in the 15th century

destitution 例句

1.The films of Joel Potrykus have been described as slacker comedies, featuring, as they often do, shambolic losers barely surviving somewhere between working poor and utter destitution.

2.Holmes even wanted Ned to buy life insurance, for surely once his marital strife subsided, he would want to protect Julia and Pearl from destitution in the event of his death.

3.I could hardly tell how men and women in extremities of destitution proceeded.

4.“There is a sense of loss, of sudden exile, of something willfully denied,” Steinberg wrote, “sometimes a feeling that one’s accumulated culture or experience is hopelessly devalued, leaving one exposed to spiritual destitution.”

5.He leads an easy-come-easy-go existence that results partly from temperament and partly from destitution; the plot lurches along according to his clashes with the police.

6.Beyond air pollution there was destitution in 1975: 8% unemployment.

7.For the poor, the city is almost apocalyptic, its destitution caught in phantasmagoric glimpses.

8.The Prenzlauer Berg district where her parents and their compatriots lived on the edge of destitution is now pricey, "like Park Slope, sidewalks filled with double-wide strollers," he says with sad resignation.

9.A public pregnancy without marriage meant disgrace and destitution.

10.The Lennons also saved the family from destitution.

11.Presumably, as well as having a stern word with the boy, the father blames Microsoft's somewhat laid back, password-free purchase process for his enormous bill and potential destitution.

12.I think it could lead to more destitution, it could lead to more homelessness.

13.She must either betray the code of silence that keeps her extended family firmly and proudly on the wrong side of the law, or else face destitution.

14.widespread destitution in Third World countries

15.Unemployment: not having, or losing, a job; not having enough; losing their home — When you live close to the edge, destitution is never far away.


16.It does, indeed, feel American, the world of “Girl From the North Country,” and evocative particularly of the perpetual sense of panic and emotional exhaustion that destitution can wreak.

17.In Australia, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre protects asylum seekers from persecution and destitution, and defends their human rights.

18.Some joined to escape the misery of prostitution or destitution-a common problem with so few jobs open to women.


19.But "poverty" in America, as defined by the Census Bureau, does not mean destitution.


20."The appearance of destitution, degradation, and barbarism, among the chattering, and almost naked savages … was appalling," she wrote.



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