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  • n.鼠李;用其树皮制成的缓泻剂



kae skae r



a North American buckthorn tree, from the bark of which a laxative, cascara sagrada, is derived.




Spanish cáscara husk, bark, probably from cascar to crack, break, from Vulgar Latin *quassicare to shake, from Latin quassare — more at quash

The first known use of cascara was in 1879



cascara buckthorn

cascara sagrada

cascara 例句

1.At the time, the company was selling cascara, a tea made from coffee cherry.

2.And, my friends, cascara is so easy to prepare.

3.Costive one tabloid of cascara sagrada.


4.Coffee cherry tea, or “cascara” as it is usually called here, is actually a “tisane,” another word for herbal or fruit “tea.”

5.Agar-agar with or without cascara may be useful.

6.Licorice powder, cascara, saline cathartics such as Seidlitz powders and Rochelle Salts and some others are harmless for occasional use, if occasional is not too liberally interpreted.

7.Vodka has fleeting notes of vanilla, cherry, and pepper from the cascara.

8.The first of the new drinks is the Nitro Cascara Cloud, which is a slow-steeped Starbucks Reserve Cold Brew poured over vanilla bean syrup and topped off with a special cold foam made with milk and cascara syrup.

9.A pill of cascara sagrada is the best for this purpose.

10.Save Salvo Patria for dinner; expect decadent dishes like smoked trout yucca croquettes and pork ribs marinated in coffee cherry cascara vinegar.

11.The coconut latte is also made with blonde espresso and a touch of cascara sugar on top.

12.Take a dose of epsom salts, castor oil, or cascara sagrada, then regulate your diet.

13.Of the laxative drugs which may be used at such a time, cascara sagrada and senna are among the least harmful.

14.Known as cascara, some 15 million tons of it are wasted each year.

15.Castor oil, Rochelle or other laxative salts, and two grain cascara tablets ordinarily constitute a sufficient supply of cathartics.

16.In case these do not agree, extract of cascara or compound licorice powder may be taken at night.

17.Eucalyptus again—cascara—witch hazel—menthol—all the toothache things.

18.Syrup of buck-thorn, or cascara sagrada, is another medicine that should never be given to small dogs: it is far too irritating and severe.

19.The bowels must be moved daily by some proper cathartic, as cascara tablets containing two grains each of the extract.

20.Although my potential as a tisane largely has languished in obscurity in most of the world, cascara is a very old drink for some.

cascara 短语相关

cascara buckthorn

cascara sagrada



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