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  • n. 不稳定;扰动




destabilize 使动摇


  • n.
    • an event that causes a loss of equilibrium (as of a ship or aircraft)
    • the action of destabilizing; making something less stable (especially of a government or country or economy)


  • n. 不稳定;扰动
  • instability, flux


The first known use of destabilize was in 1924

destabilization 例句

1.Previous committee meetings have examined AI-enabled problems of political destabilization and cyber chaos.

2.The group also stressed that Iran “with its actions, has further stepped toward the destabilization of the region and risks provoking an uncontrollable regional escalation.”

3.In southern China, gravel containing cohesive soil side slope destabilization is the prime land slide type of transmission line side slope.


4.“Russia profits from the destabilization of the international system,” Nixey said.

5.But the skeptic can argue that current climate models might turn out to be wrong after all, and that climate destabilization might not be as severe as the alarmists suggest.

6.He vowed to stamp out “every betrayal and attempt at destabilization.”

7.The results showed that there were protein degeneration, pigment destabilization and oxidation degeneration phenomenon in the persimmon wine.


8.This would hurt families and destabilize communities and have a harmful effect on our national economy.

9.As one commentator has noted, climate change is an "engine of destabilization." 65.


10.Here’s the catch: Davis’s indispensable trumpet has been removed from the scores, which the creators said in press materials allowed them to explore the “perceptive destabilization” that Davis sought.

11.The war in the northeastern African nation, which erupted on April 15, has led to a devastating humanitarian crisis and fears of destabilization in the already fragile Horn of Africa region.

12.Fears of political destabilization, deployment of weapons of mass destruction, and catastrophic cyberattacks are top concerns of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s broadening probe of artificial intelligence tools.

13."You have the overall sociological, economical and geo-political dynamics of the fossil fuel industry and how they create destabilization in a region for their own needs and gains."

14.Salvation of all sorts and delicious destabilization consort on every page.

15.OBJECTIVE: to evaluate the three-dimensional ct reconstruction in diagnosis and treatment of traumatic atlantoaxial destabilization.


16."European solidarity means supporting countries threatened with destabilization," he told public radio.

17.Proprioception uses controlled destabilization to multiply workload and sharpen neuromuscular reflexes.


18.Dafoe’s mercurial movements, his rippling face and spooky smiles, dovetail beautifully, articulating Wake’s moods and adding to the destabilization.

19.And its destabilization has created strategic headaches for China, India, the United States and other countries.

20.The group hoped the assassination of the new President would destabilize the government.



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