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dih teIld [or] di teIld


  • adj. 详尽的,详细的;(装饰)精细的,细致的
  • v. 详细说明,详述;(尤指军队中)派遣,选派(detail 的过去式和过去分词形式)




detail 细节,详情

detailing 细节设计;点缀物


detailing 详述;列举(detail的ing形式)


detail 画详图


detail 详述;选派



providing a good deal of information including small, but often important, pieces of information; thoroughly treated or described.She gave a detailed account of the accident.

having or showing many small parts or elements; intricate.I thought it was a rather a detailed task for a small child to accomplish.The antique watch had a detailed pattern engraved on the back.They brought along a detailed map of the area.



including many details

a detailed report

furnished with finely finished details

beautifully detailed hats


including many details

a detailed report

furnished with finely finished details

beautifully detailed hats


detailed information详细信息;详细情报

detailed description详细描述;详细说明

detailed design详细设计

detailed list清单

detailed planning详细规划;详细计划;详细策划

detailed plan详细计划;详图

detailed survey详细调查;详细勘测;碎部测量

detailed statement明细表

detailed schedule明细进度表

detailed engineering详细工程;施工设计

detailed specification详细说明

detailed packing list详细装箱单

detailed drawing明细图


  • adj. 详细的,精细的;复杂的,详尽的
  • complicated, strict, particular, specific, involved

  • v. 详细说明(detail的过去分词)
  • specified


The first known use of detailed was in 1740

detailed 例句

1.Charles did not reply until he had received four anxious letters, and then he replied coolly, “I didn’t hardly expect you anyway,” and he went on with a detailed account of farm and animals.

2.“That was very detailed for such a long story.”

3.He took a few notes while I talked, but nothing very detailed.

4.The story was detailed, angry, full of quotes from someone called The Source.

5.I drew detailed pictures of food—steaming chicken with crispy, glazed skin, bowls of plums, apple cakes with crumbling crusts.

6.“A detailed analysis of the way the planetary movements in the coming month will affect you, with reference to your personal chart,” she snapped, sounding much more like Professor McGonagall than her usual airy-fairy self.

7.She launched into a detailed description of her doggie bath concept, which sounded more like doggie torture, while Audrey and I snacked on cheese.

8.Many writing guides provide detailed instructions on how to build a paragraph.

9.It listed the twelve players who were invited—Bobby included—and detailed who’d play whom on which dates, and what color each player would have in each round.

10.“May I ask you something?” he says as she looks at a collection of detailed figurines waiting patiently amongst curls of wood to be housed in their proper clocks.

11.He gave her detailed instructions to an RV, or rendezvous point, in the city.

12.Inexperienced writers often think they’re doing the reader a favor by guiding her through the rest of the text with a detailed preview.

13.The moment we entered, a spotlight took turns highlighting each piece of equipment on the racks of the curved walls, while a narrator’s voice gave a detailed description.

14.Here was a detailed plan of every one of the castle’s floors and, moving around it, the tiny, labeled black dots that signified each of the castle’s occupants.

15.Letters and pamphlets supplied both the motivation and the necessary detailed sailing directions.

16.Without a detailed knowledge of all of those factors, innovativeness becomes unpredictable.

17.A Guardian detailed to the Commander does the heavy digging; the Commander’s Wife directs, pointing with her stick.

18.It had one large bed, a detailed tapestry hanging on the wall, a carpet, and a chest of drawers.

19.Tyler’s bedroom light is still off, so either he’s having a detailed conversation with his parents or he’s still hungry.

20.I was afraid he'd ask me for a more detailed description and was relieved when he crossed the room and removed Beth from her case.



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