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  • n. (正餐后的)甜点
  • 【名】 (Dessert)(法)德塞尔(人名)




  • n.a dish served as the last course of a meal



a course of usually sweet food, fruit, or cheese usually served at the end of a meal


a course of usually sweet food, fruit, or cheese usually served at the end of a meal


dessert wine餐后甜酒


 desert, dessert

desert沙漠。如:Have you ever been to a desert?

dessert甜食。如:What would you like for dessert, an apple pie or ice-cream?



borrowed from French, going back to Middle French desserte "food cleared from the table (in the phrase desserte des més), course served at the end of the meal," derivative of desservir "to clear the table (of food, dishes)," from des- dis- + servir "to serve >entry 1" Note: Middle French desserte is apparently formed by analogy with desert from deservir—see note at desert >entry 4.

The first known use of dessert was in 1600

dessert 例句

1.I scooped under the snow for teaberry plants to boil down and pour over snowballs for dessert.

2.When their table was full of plates, they moved to another one, where they ordered desserts — apple pie, cherry pie.

3.Why did I even start talking about desserts?

4.With one side of my family coming from the dessert capital of the ancient world, I was doomed to have a sweet tooth.

5.We stopped at The Children’s Home for the dessert celebration.

6.I don’t think he’s moved all night, except when the dessert buffet came out.

7.Bess picked up a menu and began to read out loud: "They're having something called Caesar Salad. The main course is salmon and asparagus. And for dessert there's...Chock Full of Chocolate Ice Cream."

8.“You give me your dessert for two months, and you can name him,” she said.

9.“Want to go with us to get some dessert?”

10.His Christmas dinner was gone in three bites, and dessert was skipped in favor of a brisk two-mile run.

11.“Oh, Mama, it’s Saturday. All week you said we could have dessert on Saturday.”

12.“That witch is going to eat the dog for dinner and you for dessert,” Stevie said.

13.I was sitting under the dessert table, nibbling at an oatmeal raisin cookie and wiggling a loose tooth with my tongue, when two boys walked up.

14.It doesn’t care whether someone’s a guerrilla or a gorilla, lives in a desert or a dessert, has a sweet tooth or a suite tooth.

15.For dessert we dip chunks of fruit in a pot of melted chocolate, and Cinna has to order a second pot because I start just eating the stuff with a spoon.

16.I go upstairs with Bep, who usually has her dessert before the rest of us.

17.This dessert can be served straight from the refrigerator.


18.Many times the family will have special treats such as coconut cake or sweet rice balls for dessert.

19.After supper that day, we had blueberry pie for dessert and I got to make my wish.

20.Besides, I’d just put the souffle in to bake when we sat down, so dessert was still a ways off.

dessert 短语相关

dessert wine



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