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di steI b laIz


  • vt. 使动摇







destabilization (n.)




destabilization 不稳定;扰动


transitive verb

to upset the equilibrium of (esp. a government or other organization); unbalance, often with intent to topple.The election debacle threatened to destabilize the government.


  • vt. 使动摇
  • unsettle


The first known use of destabilize was in 1924

destabilize 例句

1.In the sports world, the training is based on destabilizing, and what the other person will be able to put up with, and what they can tolerate.

2.His arrival upsets the balance of her family and threatens to destabilize M.

3.“Because you have to keep oscillating between the two aspects of the work, it becomes destabilizing in a way,” Mr. Marshall said by phone from his Chicago studio.

4.Sort of a fascinating, circular pattern in the vocal rhythms; incisive and destabilizing percussion; plenty of empty space that leaves room for shock.

5.In the wake of his accident, uncertainty destabilizes the entire family.

6.New cities destabilized him; the only consistency could be found in soothing music and, more so, on TV, which he watched obsessively.

7.It presents grief, violence, self-harm and self-doubt in an unusual fashion, driving home just how disorienting and destabilizing these forces can be.

8.“It’s a destabilizing strategy that allows the filmmakers to have their cake and scarf it too.”

9.And that, I think, was the point: to destabilize who is customarily let in, welcomed, and how.

10.An unreliable narrator destabilizes a text, drawing our attention to the ways in which our reading protocols accord them a certain degree of untroubled authority.

11.For her, contact with you is unwelcome and possibly destabilizing to her relationship.

12.The question of what an artist is shifted with the destabilizing rumble of slipping tectonic plates.

13.But the catastrophically alcoholic Tom wasn’t the only destabilizing force in the household.

14.Like tabloids in the rack at a supermarket check-out — tabloids of the sort that Andy Warhol earlier seized on for his own destabilizing 1960s work — his Cal Arts booklet is emblematic.

15.There’s something in those eyes, in the way we see ourselves reflected, that destabilizes us.

16."The Story of My Teeth" is a destabilizing read, a puzzle of a novel that at first seems explicable enough.

17.In “New Work,” she continues her longtime practice of destabilizing geometry, making it a living, breathing, uneasy thing through asymmetry, personal touch and an unyielding palette.

18.But her Didion has that same sharp cerebral quality and that same destabilized vulnerability, along with a subtle, charismatic warmth.

19.Her terseness has limitations, too — it makes her ideology transmissible, and easy to destabilize, or even undermine.

20.But then something unusual happens: when the music kicks in, it’s gritty and slithery, not put in service of the voices but destabilizing them.



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