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  • adj.可铸的(浇铸成形)



transitive verb

to cause to move or send forth by throwing cast dice

cast a fishing lure


cast a glance

to put forth cast light on the subject cast a shadow

the fire casts a warm glow

to deposit (a ballot) formally

cast her vote

to throw off or away

the horse cast a shoe

to throw to the ground especially in wrestling

The cow was cast and her legs tied.

to build by throwing up earth

cast a mound

to perform arithmetical operations on : add

cast a person's horoscope

archaic decide, intend

to dispose or arrange into parts or into a suitable form or order

I shall cast what I have to say under two principal heads—Tatler

to assign the parts of (a dramatic production) to actors

cast a movie

to give a shape to (a substance) by pouring in liquid or plastic form into a mold and letting harden without pressure

cast steel

to form by this process

toys cast from plastic


cast the scale slightly

to make (a knot or stitch) by looping or catching up

cast a square knot

twist, warp

a beam cast by age

to transmit the sound and images of (something happening) in real time via the Internet The webinar will be cast live over Skype on a large screen at the church.—Cheril Vernon

The event is cast live over the Internet and broadcast later on National Public Radio's "Science Friday."—Lynn Teo Simarski

intransitive verb

to throw somethingspecifically: to throw out a lure with a fishing rod

dialectal British vomit

dialectal, England to bear fruit : yield

to perform addition

obsolete estimate, conjecture


lumber casts

to range over land in search of a trail—used of hunting dogs or trackers



an act of casting

something that happens as a result of chance

a throw of dice

a seven on the first cast

a throw of a line (such as a fishing line) or net

a perfect cast

the form in which a thing is constructed

the set of actors in a dramatic production

The show features an all-star cast.

the arrangement of draperies in a painting

the distance to which a thing can be thrownspecifically: the distance a bow can shoot

a turning of the eye in a particular directionalso: expression

this freakish, elfish cast came into the child's eye —Nathaniel Hawthorne

a slight strabismus

something that is thrown or the quantity thrownespecially, British: the leader of a fishing line

something that is formed by casting in a mold or form: such as

an impression taken from an object with a liquid or plastic substance : mold

They made a mask from a wax cast of her face.

a rigid casing (as of fiberglass or of gauze impregnated with plaster of paris) used for immobilizing a usually diseased or broken part

has a cast on her broken arm

forecast, conjecture

an overspread of a color or modification of the appearance of a substance by a trace of some added hue : shade

gray with a greenish cast

tinge, suggestion

a cast of bitterness in his words—Walter O'Meara

a ride on one's way in a vehicle : lift

A motorist gave him a cast as far as the town.

Scotland help, assistance

shape, appearance

the delicate cast of her features

characteristic quality

his father's conservative cast of mind

something that is shed, ejected, or thrown out or off: such as

the excrement of an earthworm

a mass of soft matter formed in cavities of diseased organs and discharged from the body

the skin of an insect

the ranging in search of a trail by a dog, hunting pack, or tracker

The setter made a wide cast.


castable refractoryn. 耐火浆料;浇灌耐火材料


  • adj. 可铸的;可塑的
  • plastic, mouldable


Verb Middle English, from Old Norse kasta; akin to Old Norse kǫs heap

The first known use of cast was in the 13th century



a rhythm instrument that consists of two small ivory, wood, or plastic shells fastened together and attached to the thumb and clicked together by the fingers—usually used in plural


a rhythm instrument that consists of two small ivory, wood, or plastic shells fastened together and attached to the thumb and clicked together by the fingers—usually used in plural

cast1 of 2verb

throw entry 1 sense 1a, toss

cast a stone

to throw a fishing line

direct entry 1 sense 3

cast a glance

to place as if by throwing

cast doubt on their honesty

to deposit formally

cast a ballot

to throw off, out, or away a snake casts its skin

the horse cast a shoe

compute sense 1

to arrange into parts or into a proper form

cast the story in the form of a letter

to assign parts to actors

cast a play

to shape a substance by pouring it in liquid or very soft form into a mold and letting it harden without pressure cast machine parts

cast steel

cast2 of 2noun

an act of casting

the form in which a thing is constructed

the characters or the actors in a story or play

the distance to which a thing can be thrown

a glance of the eye

appearance sense 1, look

casting sense 2

a rigid casing (as of gauze and plaster of paris) for immobilizing a body part

forecast entry 2

a tinge of color : shade

one of the characteristics associated with a person or thing her strict cast of mind

the humorous cast of his stories

something thrown out or off or shed

castable 例句

1.The characteristic of castable refractory was advanced by analyzing the service conditions on Water-cooled Beam of heating furnace in this paper.


2.This paper emphasizes the development, quality and application of corundum castable refractories of high purity, low cement-content.


3.The slag resistance of magnesia - zircon castable was investigated by crucible test.


4.The emphasis of discussion lies in slag resistance of castable.


5.Reveals an area of the map for 6 seconds (castable anywhere).


6.The influence of nano - silica on the properties and microstructure of corundum castable is studied.

摘要研究纳米 二氧化矽 的加入对刚玉浇注料性能与结构的影响.

7.The development and application results of refractory castable for cement kiln have been introduced.


8.Fan of Knives changed to be castable with no targets, further improved the visual affect and it no longer plays an impact on the caster.


9.It is an ideal filler for high-temperature furnaces and excellent of light weight castable refractory.


10.Adding 7% cordierite, 7% flint clay and 2% quartz sand in matrix enabled the castable to have highest thermal shock resistance.


11.The tree cast a long shadow on the lawn.

12.Summon Mana Gem no longer castable in battle.


13.She has a cast on her arm.

14.They made a mask from a wax cast of her face.

15.All of them influence the slag resistances of spinel clinker and its castable refractory.


16.The effect of zircon micropower on the structure and properties of magnesia castable were studied.


17.Such a move, if approved, would have required the council to cast an additional vote in the coming months to spend the money allocated for police hiring.

18.Study of Fabricating Methods of Plat Castable Ceramics Restoration.


19.The result shows that the properties of the castable can be remarkably improved if the graphite is processed before being used.


20.It is widely used to test castable on porosity by submergence in physical property inspection.


castable 同义词相关






send (out)





castable 短语相关

cast one's ballot

cast off

cast one's lot with

cast aside

cast of mind

endocranial cast

cast their votes

cast out

cast around

cast/run one's eye over



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