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dih spa tihk


  • adj. 暴虐的,暴君的;专横的


despotical (adj.), despotically (adv.)




despot 专制君主,暴君;独裁者


  • adj.
    • belonging to or having the characteristics of a despot
    • ruled by or characteristic of a despot
    • characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty


  • adj. 暴虐的,暴君的;专横的
  • tyrannous, Neronian


see despot

The first known use of despotic was in 1604

despotic 例句

1.Here we present a handy guide to the "-stans" so no pop star need be caught out by accidentally singing happy birthday to a despotic ruler in this region ever again.

2.With news of the Middle East dominated by suicide bombers, violence and despotic leaders, Akyol worries that it's easy to get the wrong idea about his religion.

3.His lesson from the 1930s is that a would-be dictator can still win high office in free elections, flout laws and norms, manipulate people’s fears and anger and establish a despotic regime.

4.The guns seemed to address this country, which invented the streets that secured them with despotic police, in its primary language—violence.

5.Because of the "despotic obstinacy" that he also recognizes in his son, he can't even wear a party hat on New Year's Eve.

6.He's not just a despotic dictator, you know – he has a reputation in his homeland as being quite the artisan.

7.Active resistance is necessary because it is the moral and political indifference of demoralized, self-seeking citizens that normalizes despotic power.

8.In this brutal but grimly comic piece, a despotic father keeps his adult children imprisoned at home and systematically misinformed about the outside world and the meanings of everyday words.

9."Let us simply say," Orwell wrote, "that this control is despotic and, to put it plainly, self-interested."

10.Since 1896, Oscar Wilde’s “Salome” has provided opportunities for lush decadence — and who could object? — with its despotic voluptuary King Herod and the petulant title character.

11.Ms Marvel would have perhaps already resorted to violence: her signature move involves enlarging her fists and whacking despotic opponents.

12.His chest heaved once, as if his large heart, weary of despotic constriction, had expanded, despite the will, and made a vigorous bound for the attainment of liberty.

13.One of her recurring themes is that through an endless succession of despotic emperors and sultans, the city’s underdogs have always had their say in its destiny.

14.The well-known face was there: stern, relentless as ever—there was that peculiar eye which nothing could melt, and the somewhat raised, imperious, despotic eyebrow.

15.Clooney's title makes a slightly awkward reference to the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C., which was in fact an unsuccessful effort to overthrow despotic rule and restore the Roman Republic.

16.You wouldn’t have known it from the American broadcast, but 1944 was a highly controversial song because its subject was the deportation of Crimean Tatars from Russia at the hands of the despotic Joseph Stalin.

17.Eventually, Bach’s little Eden will suffer violent incursions and he, unlike these despotic overlords, will come to accept the fact that lofty goals can be tragically vulnerable and disastrously easy to undermine.

18.Barry’s wife and children are supposed to be foils, innocents abroad who serve as the viewer’s avatar in an unfamiliar, despotic world.

19.That includes efforts to undermine democracy by anyone with designs on despotic rule.

20.Eventually Noa does find his family — when he and Mae are captured and taken to a kingdom ruled by the despotic Proximus Caesar (Kevin Durand).



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