Describe an aspect of a foreign culture you like

what it is

how you know about it

what differences there are between that aspect of culture and your own

and explain why you like that aspect of that foreign culture.




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Part2 DEMO 1

Japan has a distinct, fascinating culture, both modern and traditional, that is unlike any other countries, and will leave a lasting impression with any person. Some of the interesting aspects of Japanese culture may include their cuisines, architecture, performing arts, fashion, anime and mange/manga. But, today, I would like to talk about another cultural aspect of Japanese culture that I find interesting also.

It is called “Sakura viewing and Hanami parties”. In plain English, “Sakura” means cherry blossom. So, it essentially means the viewing of cherry blossom when they are in full bloom during the spring season. By the way, Sakura has remained an iconic symbol of Japanese culture and history for centuries, and when this Sakura viewing takes place, thousands of people, both local and visitors from around the world, flock to see the mesmerizing beauty of cherry flowers in full bloom.

By the way, this Sakura, which I first came to learn about from a travel show on TV and then, later on, after reading some travel journals, viewing may last only for a few days, but it may leave an impression on you for a lifetime.

People from my culture also love flowers, and they even use them for many purposes and occasions, but gathering ceremonially at a place or at a particular time to watch the blossoming of the flower is something that they don’t normally do. Another difference between my culture and that of Japan, as far as viewing flowers is concerned, people from my culture prefer to bring flowers at home, if they like them, for decorating their homes while Japanese people like them better on trees.

Anyway, I like this particular aspect of Japanese culture because it shows how much they really value the beauty in mother nature. Besides, since this particular culture brings people from all over the world for a common cause, that is to enjoy the stunning beauty of mother nature, it offers all of them a chance to understand and appreciat