Describe a mistake you once made

what it was

how you made this mistake

when it was

and explain how it affected you.




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Part2 DEMO 1

Well, I have no hesitation to admit that I make a lot of mistakes. While some of these mistakes don’t really affect us that negatively, the others harm very dearly just like the mistake I made in my high school years about 15 years ago when I studied and prepared for the wrong subject. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?

But, then again, when you are in high school and young, I guess that being stupid is allowed. However, the problem was that I was probably a bit more stupid than the other boys of my age. And, that’s probably why I seldom cared to write down the schedules for the test as a high school student.

Of course, such carelessness and stupidity of mine didn’t exactly cause much of a problem with my studies or test preparation since I could memorize them all by heart. But, that just didn’t happen unfortunately when I was a 9th-grade student and was preparing for my half-yearly test for the geography class. By the way, I was never really a good geography student, so I had to spend a great deal of extra time studying it in order to get some respectable score on it.

But, when I took my seat in the class and got the test paper in my hands, I couldn’t really believe my own eyes as the test paper, which I was looking at, was actually a test paper of social science. For a minute, I thought that the test supervisor must have made a mistake in picking up the right test papers from his office, but when I asked him about it, he told me in a very authoritative voice that it was I who had made the mistake. The supervisor was right.

Anyway, the mistake affected me really badly, primarily because I couldn’t answer the test questions properly, which also meant that I ended up getting a very poor score in my social science exam. But, the good thing was I finally learned my lesson because of this terrible mistake and started to write down all test schedules thereafter.

Part2 DEMO 2

No one wants to talk about his mistakes and it seems like the human psychology is prone to forget blunders and remember good things in life. But some mistakes are hard to forget and have severe consequences in life. I, too, as an ordinary human try to learn from my mistakes, forget them most of the time and go ahead with my dreams to do something remarkable in my life. I would like to thank you for this cue card topic that expects me to talk about a mistake I have made in my life

The biggest mistake in my life was falling in love with the wrong girl who had a completely different view about life, love and relationship. I was hardly 17 years old when I fall hard for this girl

Initially, we were classmates and then became friends. In a year I started to feel something about her that was quite extraordinary and hard to explain. I guess people call this ‘love’. My whole world started to shift and I was surrounded by a mirage for this whole time. Not a single moment had passed when I didn’t think about her. She was the centre and power source of my universe. When I proposed her, she expressed her boundless joys and acted as if I should have proposed her earlier. So far, this is a sweet and innocent love story of a teenager and I was happy to have her in my life

However, it took me only a few months to realise that she was not serious about our relationship. When she was my whole world, I was her just another temporary boyfriend. The relationship ended in ten months and I was so broken-hearted that I could not concentrate on anything for a while. My parents also knew about it and they were very supportive to me. First few days, it was quite difficult for me to get back to my normal life, study or go outside. I simply could not appease my mind that I made a great mistake and it was like an illusion that I need to come out from soon. However, when I started realising that I made a big mistake by approaching to a serious relationship without even knowing the girl genuinely, I started making peace with my mind. I was completely honest with myself and that eventually helped me to get out of the depressive time I went through at that time

The lesson learned from this mistake made me more cautious about making any kind of relationship and I am happy that I took this mistake as an event to learn a lesson. However, I often feel bad that how someone could be so naive to play with someone’s sentiment so cheaply